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We want the connections to come in and the way we've designed our plan, this plan is built on tiers. And as we look at the future growth of LTE consumption because of the speeds and video consumpt...
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I'm not too worried about it honestly.

Looking back through my data logs, I hardly use up but maybe 1GB max a month. I'll likely save money when they go to the tier system.
That's amazing! I use that much data in like 3 days, and that's just att 3g.
I'm at 3.375 GB and 4 days away from the end of the cycle... it's getting too close when my limit is 4GB... really considering switching to T-Mo... $70/mo for everything unlimited sounds nice, although it would be 5GB max of HSPA+, but I can deal with that if I'm not on contract... what I can't really deal with is Verizon's ETF... it's ridiculously expensive...
Damn. I am on a family plan and just myself alone use up about 8-15GB a month. It's mainly because I use my data for streaming Netflix.
Hey all you horrible bandwidth hogs. Using something other than your LTE connection for your primary internet connection! :P
K Wells
I think he meant streaming on streaming Netflix on his device.
K Wells
All the apps that play movies and streaming music daily will eat some data up. But aren't those apps there for customer to enjoy?
The least they could do is negate data used from thier straraming apps especially @10 bucks a month. Im at 32 gb,no typo, and only 20 days in
Meh 3 years is a long time with Verizon. I'll say bye when unlimited data goes. GSM Nexus is after all the official dev phone.
I just checked my 5 lines usage. I have 4 days left in my billing cycle.

Now considering I pay $150/month ($30/line) for data this is what I use:

Line 1: 1.93 GB
Line 2: 0.37 GB
Line 3: 0.08 GB
Line 4: 0.07 GB
Line 5: 1.76 GB

So go ahead Verizon offer shared data. Hell, I can take a 10GB/$100 month plan and come out saving me $50 a month and have plenty of data.

Sure they will make money off some people but I am willing to bet the majority of people are similar to me and actually Verizon stands to LOSE money on switching those people.
So the clarification they made quelled my fear. Just buy a phone at price instead of contract price. Still get to keep my unlimited data. Works for me, didn't really want to lose the fast lte
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