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Everyone remembers “Antennagate” for the iPhone 4 when it launched. The phone had some less than stellar antenna placement that caused calls to be dropped if you had your hand covering a certain part ...
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Time to cancel pre-order :/ (What to do, what to do?)
So Apple didn't patent the way to hold phones too? This thing really is a lot like an iPhone.
Every phone has this "problem". What do you expect where the antenna is placed?
Every mobile phone I've (except those old phones with telescoping antennas) had had places where your hand would block the antenna.  The iPhone, and apparently GS3, are more susceptible to this problem because of the placement of the antenna.  But, this is still just a training issue.  Apple's failure was that they tried to pretend there was no problem rather than responding immediately to the complaints.  
+Paul Hummel You can always cancel a pre-order. Anyone that tells you know is wrong. If the person over the phone wont, call your credit card company. They'll take care of it for you. 

I guess it's not as bad as it looks, i just may keep it... Unless there are reports coming from the actual customers and it simply will not do.
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