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I'd like the play store to have an entire revamp rather old and app discovery is rather meh
+1 for the "Just In" section. That was the easiest way to find new games the instant they hit the Market. It was a primitive but powerful tool.

I suspect it was removed because it was abused by developers. Most of the games in the "Just In" section tended to be spam apps, crappy games, or insignificant updates to existing games. Doubt Google will ever bring it back due to the way developers abused the "Just In" section in the past.
+James E. Nichols Yeah I'm pretty sure that is why Google removed it. Even small updates would make an app/game appear in the Just In section. Still, a few tweaks could have stopped it but instead they just took it completely down
Well said!
P.S. Great new look!
+DroidGamers exactly. Google could have made some tweaks to the Just In section to minimize abuse but instead they removed it completely. Seems like Google overreacted. Ahh well...
My save data should be saved to my account, number one request.
An ability to REMOVE apps via webfront is a must.
+Majdi Jarrar No you can't. You can uninstall an application but you cannot remove it from "My Android Apps".
It would be cool if every app or game had a full icon instead of some where they show a picture and it fills the thing instead of small picture and text beside also speed improvements and better this app doesn't support this device when it actually does 
You can check for IAP quite easily - look into the permission tab if the game/app has BILLING permission. Also avoid games in the "top grossing" tab.
Good list.  I like the comment about the "Just In" section.  It is good that someone recognizes how hard it is for an Indie game developer to  even get their game seen.
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