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Mark S. Brown, MD
Oculoplastic Surgeon - Gulfcoast Alabama
Oculoplastic Surgeon - Gulfcoast Alabama

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Call Dr. Brown for Droopy Eyelids

For a highly reputable surgeon with a gift for cosmetic eyelift procedures, Dr. Mark Brown is the best in the business.  The “surgeon with a gentle touch” has helped hundreds of patients to win back their self-confidence through the removal of fatty tissues and excess skin that can very easily lead to droopy eyelids.  While this is sometimes the result of a previous medical condition, such as Grave’s Disease or Thyroid Eye Disease, sometimes droopy eyelid syndrome can simply come with age.  Correct the problem quickly and painlessly through out-patient eyelift surgery provided by the friendly Dr. Mark at
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Call Dr. Mark for Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

Dr. Mark Brown is an experience oculoplastic surgeon with specialties in blepharoplasty and cosmetic eyelid surgery.  One of the more significant cosmetic requests that Dr. Mark often receives is regarding droopy eyelid surgery.  This is also known as ptosis and is very often ignore by patients in the very early stages.  But without proper medical treatment, the patient’s vision may begin to become compromised.  This is where Dr. Mark comes to the rescue.  A simple outpatient procedure can lift the eyelid muscles through a completely painless process, improving the patients’ vision as well as their beautiful smile.  Contact Dr. Mark today for a consultation at

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Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

Blepharoplasty is a reliable and safe form of cosmetic eyelid surgery that can take years off of your appearance almost overnight.  This painless and affordable procedure is now being offered by Alabama’s own, Dr. Mark Brown, an expert in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.   As we begin to age, the very first signs always seem to magically appear around the eyes.  This is very normal, but it always leaves us looking forever tired and fatigued.  Cosmetic eyelid surgery can get rid of those bags and dark circles under the eyes, leaving you looking refreshed and vibrant once again.  Contact us today for an immediate consultation at  
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