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Dr. Lee Thomas
The Business Doctor: Learn the skills and techniques needed to run a successful sustainable business.
The Business Doctor: Learn the skills and techniques needed to run a successful sustainable business.

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Power of Self Leverage 2  
Power of Self Leverage 2 by Dr. Lee Thomas of or at (303) 739-5160 

The Power of Self Leverage can make a life changing positive difference in your life and your business.

What the powers of self leverage can do for you and your colleagues from Doctor Lee Thomas the Business doctor.

Do you sometimes feel like you're just spinning your wheels and you are not getting any traction in your profession or in your business?

Have you ever experienced that situation where you've assigned to a trusted colleague or and employees an important assignment and it didn't turn out the way you would like or had expected and you thought to yourself, I should have just done it myself?

Have you ever wished that there would be a personal reoccurring income that was not so dependent on your own personal productivity?

Have you experienced ravages of personal and career burn-out? 

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Power of Self Leverage
Dr Lee Thomas shares his experience of using Self Leverage in business that can help you become more successful and profitable even faster. Visit us at or call (303) 739-5160 for healthcare association speaker, healthcare seminar speaker, or a healthcare convention speaker needed for your next event that is both entertaining and informative from real life experiences of a self-made millionaire.

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Business Principles versus Business Techniques video by Dr Lee Thomas visit us at  
Business techniques may change, but business principles do not. This video discusses how to distinguish the difference between the two.
Real success for me only came in my career as I focused on sound proven business principles.
Call Dr. Lee Thomas at (303) 739-5160 to speak at your next Healthcare seminar, Healthcare Association meeting or Healthcare convention as well as information details about Dr. Lee Thomas' speaker schedule, Healthcare speaker subjects or speakers agenda.
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Avoiding Business Missteps and Mistakes will make your business stronger and more profitable as well as keeping you well balanced in the process.  As a professional and a business owner, how many mistakes and missteps have you made?

You know having owned 15 businesses over these past 40-plus years I can tell you I have made my share and more. 
- How much money has it cost you by making these mistakes and missteps?  I know again in my case, it has been thousands of dollars.
- What if you could avoid those money wasting mistakes?  
- What if you could avoid the misery of learning by trial and error?
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It can be stressful being an entrepreneur. A mentor can provide you with a listening ear, is someone to bounce ideas off & can always offer a second opinion

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The parable tells the story of Jim, an honest business man who plants a seed of honesty and trust that will eventually lead him to get the job.

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It seems unnatural to reach out when you or your business is struggling. But that’s exactly when you need to do it the most.

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Just as in nature in which there are four seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter), there are four seasons to a business.

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Stress creates chemical reactions in your body that, if they become “chronic”, can be very detrimental to your health and welfare. Here are 12 tips to help.

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If you own a business or are the manager of a department, that makes you a leader. There is a big difference between being a leader, and effective leading.
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