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Drake <3
uh oh.... "fuckin problem".... yo drizzy, I am sending you all my love in the loss of your grandmother this Thanksgiving!  I wish nothing but healing to you and your family.  I love you!
i love you and sad thing to hear i wish the best for you and easy quik healing for you drake and your family.You da best and again i love you!!
my name sai-on yall (say-yawn) no lie either just dont tell real things!
i love you drake and one day i'll meet you!I know i will!you are the baddest i freakin sswear you finnnnee!Make me wanna go to work.Not like that just make me happy to dance and sing and think about you.i love yoou and i think about you all day!I couldn't wait to get outta school so i could think bout you more and search more things about you!Ihave support 4 you Drake and i love you!AMEN!WORD TO MY N***A's!!;)
see what i did there i can really write allot bout you boo!I LUV YOU!AND i heard your part on f**'n Problems.when you end your part i just wanna cry tears of laghter cuz its sooo funny.cuz dis long........!!hahaha!;)
im just happy that all races are finally united and i love being black it's soo crazy hahaha!i luv our type of music it's hott!!not being racist just saying!
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