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White Wolf & Onyx Path Publishing are closing 2013 out in style. Each day this week (Mon - Fri) they are giving away a core book PDF for FREE! For one day only these RPGs will be free to download.

Starting today with the Exalted 2nd Edition core book PDF!
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Now that is a nice post Christmas gift. 
Duh! Sad part is, I've shared stuff before, but just had a total block on how to do it now...
Remember to grab the 'Scroll of Errata' also free from the same site. Exalted is my all time favourite setting but it has some system flaws that the scroll goes a long way towards fixing.
Kai Poh
Exalted. What a beast. I don't think I'll ever run it with the 2nd Edition rules again, but that sweet setting is a hella thing.
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