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Drilling Maps
Map of Health & Safety Issues Near Oil & Gas Operations
Map of Health & Safety Issues Near Oil & Gas Operations

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New map of oil 7000+ oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico.

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North Dakota House passes new rule for reporting oil spills. North Dakota HB 1151 states companies no longer need to report spills of crude oil, produced water or natural gas that are contained to a well site or production location and are less than 10 barrels, or 420 gallons.

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Residents demand #PorterRanch / Aliso Canyon gas drilling plant be closed permanently after mass evacuation from gas #blowout.

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Oil well blowout north of #Denver near Sand Hills spews oil on road two days. The Anadarko Petroleum Corporation oil well that blew out of control northeast of Denver near Hudson, forcing closure of Weld County roads for two days, sprayed at least 28,000 gallons of oil, gas and drilling waste water onto surrounding land before fluids were re-directed into tanks, state officials said Wednesday.

A mist from the blowout hit an area 2,000 feet long and 1,000 feet wide, state natural resources spokesman Todd Hartman said in response to Denver Post queries.

Good to know that 6 people from the United States #Senate have used our health and safety database in the last 30 days. 

A note from a user. "I found your website on the internet while researching info. about Fort Worth Texas. I got a job offer but am very concerned after we found out about the gas well drilling in the area. Are those drilling sites showing on your map accurate? I almost ready to turn down the job offer." 

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Campus Activism: How to Organize a Student Protest
If you are a student
who is passionate about dealing with the issue of fracking and stopping it from
happening around the world, organizing a student protest is one of the best
ways to get your voice heard and inform others of your plight. If big enough,

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New Patent Filed Using A Magnetic Field to Clean Up Oil Spills in Water
New Patent Filed - Process for cleaning up oil spills -
The present invention relates to a system for controlling oil spills floating on open bodies of water. The process involves dispersing a hydrocarbon base ferrofluid containing an oil soluble water ins...
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