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I have started a project to easily add a matplotlib graph to the training of your Keras model to visualise progress. I have only implemented Accuracy and Loss so far, and the development of a Confusion Matrix is in progress.

Let's collaborate - send me a Pull Request with any changes or enhancements

Any feedback and ideas welcome.

keras-visuals - Tools to help you visualise the training of your Keras model
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+Stoney Vintson​ I'm currently using Theano as backend - I'm planning on switching over to Tensorflow and will definitely have a look at TensorBoard. Thanks for the tip. 
+Stoney Vintson I don't understand... This isn't what I meant. I've just found taht your news was so important that you should share it in a entire new post. Go ahead... Help me and the community.

I do not want to have the thankless task of feeding this community on my own and to do it alone. 
Okay, I just did not want to detract from discussion about your repo for visualization of training metrics.
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