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DRF Water Heater Repair & Replacement
Chicagoland’s leading installer of hot water heaters
Chicagoland’s leading installer of hot water heaters

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We're cheering on our DRF team!
"D-eminish and R-educe with F-riends!"

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DRF, the water experts, provide safe solutions to protect your drinking water in your home. Water may not be considered safe anymore. Every day there is something new. For example East Chicago, Indiana:


- Mold Irritates allergies

- Mold inhalation can lead to serious health problems such as headaches, dizziness, and respiratory complications

- Leaky sewer pipes can spread dangerous bacteria into your home or water supply

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DRF is still going strong! In between chatting with customers on the phone about their hot water needs, our hot water experts are working up a sweat for the #fittestloser #fittestloserdailyherald #dailyherald #DRF #DeminishandReducewithFriends

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Signs you may have a leak in your plumbing:
- Unexpectedly high water bills
- Mildew or mold forming in the bathroom, kitchen or laundry area
- Bubbles in wallpaper or paint
- Warped, sagging, or stained walls and ceilings
- Musty, earthy smell that wont go away
- Damp or muddy patches in the yard

If you suspect a leak call DRF Trusted Property Solutions and a professional can take care of you right away! 630-615-7000

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DRF is the hot water expert. Maybe there' s more to hot water than meets the eye?
Check out this interesting article about drinking hot water and it's benefits with regards to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

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Happy World Water Day!
Thank you for following DRF for all your plumbing and hot water needs!

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We are kicking things up!
Here are some pictures from our recent kick boxing class!
#DRF #FittestLoser #DailyHerald #DeminishandReducewithFriends

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