+Darryl Barnes, the fine young gentleman he is, is GIVING away a tablet. Simply prove you're more deserving than me ;)

The "I'm Broke And Need Me Some Android" Contest

Is your device about as old as dirt?  Are you constantly behind with technology?  No room in the budget for something new?  Well... +Darryl Barnes is here to help... 

He's giving away the tablet (pictured below) that he got only 2 months ago, just because.  That's right... Just giving it away.

So, how can you get it?:  Comment below with your submission.  Provide a link to a picture of your outdated device as well as a description and an explanation of what is keeping you from replacing it.  Overall, let us know why you are in the most need for an upgrade!

Some guidelines:
* Your current device must be on and in use.  (i.e. don't just submit pictures of old phones you haven't used in years)
* You must be experiencing actual financial hardship (i.e. Don't lie to get free stuff.  Someone out there may really need a new device.  Don't be greedy.) 
* Submissions should be in by Wednesday, June 20 and a winner will be chosen on Friday, June 22. 
* Darryl will ship within the US.  If international shipping is required, you will need to cover the cost of shipping.

Any questions?  See... +Melissa Bryan, +Jon M Curley, or +Darryl Barnes 
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