Every thing....even DEBT is written in the universal code of physics. This is so well thought out!
The Physics of Economics—For the Masses
I must thank +Craig Lennox for the question in the comment stream on my previous post that provided the impetus to flex my fingers, engage my brain’s cynical humour gland, then develop this concept and thesis summary. I have difficulty believing that my theorem is original and look forward to being shown otherwise. That it is a theorem rather than a theory is undoubted—just look around you. But first of all, the background.

Yesterday I wrote a post that was only slightly tongue-in-cheek. In the ensuing comments there was an exchange during which it was necessary that I mentioned my physics and economics educational background. In a heartbeat Craig posted the following comment: 

The Question—Wise and Complex
Colin: ”Then you’re the perfect one to answer this question. Why is it that economists talk about the velocity of money, but not the momentum of money? Yet, when you look at the equation of exchange in economics, it looks just like the equation for the linear momentum of a system of particles.” At last, an intelligent question to which I did not have an immediate answer. However, after a moment’s thought I started to type. As I typed, the concept crystallized and the wisdom of the question was echoed by the verisimilitude of the answer.  

The Answer—Like the Universe, Expanded
It all has to do with the differing properties of matter at big –Newtonian– and quantum –Einsteinian– levels. The way it works is that adherents of the Newtonian school have the majority of the wealth. It is their sworn duty to protect this wealth and ensure that, as though there were a diode in the system, their wealth only flows in a single direction—towards them. Towards the 0.001% who are the true Newtonians. Now, this is where mass comes into the equation. 

You see, without mass momentum is impossible to generate, irrespective of the velocity. The ‘quantum’ population—that would be the 99.999% who are Einsteinians—have no mass at an individual level. Indeed, without coalescing they will never be in a position where the velocity of their individual money can develop sufficient mass, and therefore momentum, to generate wealth and change the status quo. This is just fine for the 0.001% Newtonians—who have 85% of the available wealth. 

It is important to note at this point that the missing 14.999% disappears, typically, into a tax free black hole by way of a Möbius like twist in the Universal logic. Anyway, back to the core point. The Newtonians want the Einsteinians working away in the Ergoshpere, this being the region that surrounds a black hole and actually does all the hard work. Then, as the Newtonians are paid for their efforts, the Newtonians want the money to flow as quickly as possible into their hands so that the Einsteinians are unable to coalesce, make the quantum leap, become Newtonians, and compete on an equal playing field. 

The reason is obvious. The effort required to convince those Einsteinians who do coalesce to join the Newtonian club, then turn on their erstwhile peers, is tiresome and tends to drain the imbalance of the system. This is entropy 

Now, if we were to extrapolate this principle we could well find that we have discovered the whereabouts of the Universe’s missing mass. It has nothing to do with Higgs Bosun, it’s quietly biding its time the other side of a black hole in the accounts of the Newtonians and where the light never shines. How ironic!

One Final Thought—The Higgs Bosun
It is probably a sensible idea that we don’t tell the folk at CERN. I believe that they would be a trifle more than marginally upset that the game is up. This is relevant since the elegance of this theorem explains, also, why it is the Swiss-based CERN that has just announced the discovery of the whereabouts of the ‘Higg’s Boson’ without mentioning the economics implications. You see this is a quantum particle, not a Newtonian mass. In spite of this it represents the bulk of the missing mass of the Universe. The Swiss have been rather good at hiding such mass over the eons. 

Time for another Big Bang methinks.
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