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Drew Pion
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Drew Pion

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Drew Pion

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Hello there.

Testing out my new to me (used) Sigma 70-210 2.8.

What do you think? I have 14 days to return it so I am testing it like crazy. Seems like it has really fast AF. 

150mm 1/250 sec at F 2.8 ISO 400 
#photography   #critique  
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Looks great!
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Drew Pion

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Birdman Of Alcatraz Cell

This cell was huge! It was in the hospital which is where Robert Stroud lived for many years...

" This room was originally a mess hall for the soldiers who guarded the hospital when it was a military prison. This room was chosen for Robert Stroud because it was isolated and had a locking gate. Not meant to house a prisoner, it lacked a toilet and for the first six years he used a bedpan. Finally after involvement by lawyers, an aluminum prisoner's toilet was installed. " (Youtube)
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Drew Pion

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Photos from Boston Strong Concert 5/30/13
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Drew Pion

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Grundgy Ballet
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I guess this would have been better without my ugly copyright. I always complain about people ruining their photos with copyrights in the wrong spot. 
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Drew Pion

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#HDR  Photo of the bus in front of Ricks Restorations where the film the TV show American Restoration. #AmericanRestoration

And yes I still use Facebook too and would love it if you did me a solid and "liked" my page at Every like makes me look more professional lol.
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Drew Pion

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Shot my first MMA Event for CES MMA ( What do you think?
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2nd one has great contrasts
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Drew Pion

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Are you interested in horrible wedding photos? Then you should crowd source your photos via Instagram
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Drew Pion

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Three Dog Night 

Bass Player Paul Kingery gets into the groove tonight at the Zeiterion Theatre!
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Drew Pion

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This is a HDR photo of the Beavertail Lighthouse in Jamestown, RI. This shot is framed by two windows of the old storage building for the oil that kept fueled the light years ago.

According to Wikipedia "Beavertail Lighthouse, built in 1749, was and still is the premier lighthouse in Rhode Island, USA, especially for entrance into Narragansett Bay. The 45-foot (14 m) lighthouse lies on the southernmost point of Conanicut Island in the town of Jamestown, Rhode Island in Beavertail State Park. The light has been reconstructed multiple times since its erection, most recently after the Hurricane of 1938."
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Thanks +Frank C. Grace !
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Drew Pion

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Time to step up my usage of google plus.

If you could only give one piece of advice to a camera beginner, what would it be?
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I have always felt the issue with learning the right is is the spray and shoot method. Back in the day you made sure you knew how to use your camera and compose before wasting lots of money in the processing of film.

While it is a HUGE plus to be able to take tons of "free" digital photos, it often makes people lazy when starting. The "I will" get one out of one thousand" attitude. 
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Drew Pion

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Anyone still use Facebook? Do me a favor and like my page at

Yeah its a lame attempt at getting more likes but hey, worth a try.
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Photographer and Professional Marketer
  • Drew Pion Photography
    Owner, 2010 - present
New England Photographer (Also a Professional Marketer)
Introduction Photographer: Weddings, portraits, events, concerts...

Most of my work is in Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island but, where I go my camera is right behind.  

I use a Sony Alpha A65 for all of my shots.

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