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Drew Perkins
Director of Professional Development at, musician, husband, father.
Director of Professional Development at, musician, husband, father.


My daughter has a separate Google account (family plan) and an Insignia Google Assistant enabled device and I'm noticing a couple issues tonight. She's upstairs behind a closed door and the volume of the music I'm playing from my account on my device lowers when she says "OK Google" in her room. Also, it seems the default for her device, at least tonight, is to play music she asks for on all the devices in the house which of course overrides my music and is irritating. Any ideas on how to stop both or either?

I've tried phone calls with my Home to varying degrees of success. Seems sometimes it sounds ok but others the person on the other end hears me as metallic or echo-y and it's unworkable. I'm hesitant to keep trying since it's not been reliable.

I'm still getting the occasional instance of my Home hearing me but a different Home enabled device responding to the request. Last night my daughter was literally within 4 feet speaking directly at the Home device and the upstairs bedroom device carried out the request. The Home device lights up, so I know it's hearing me but apparently so does the other device. Really annoying.

I'd swear the recent broadcast feature included the ability to broadcast to specific devices but now it's broadcasting to all Home devices. I can't find any articles showing evidence but I'm almost 100% sure we were initially able to say "Ok Google Broadcast to _____ room: insert message here" and the message would only play on the intended device. Did I dream this up or was I just under an illusion?

Have a ZTE Blade Z Max from MetroPCS. Service has been ok but T-Mobile has some gaps in my area. Considering going back to Verizon, assuming I can unlock this phone and use there but wondering if anyone here has done that.

Added an Insignia speaker with built-in Google Assistant to my daughter's room upstairs and for some reason it's answering instead of my original Home device in my kitchen even if I'm 5 feet away from it. My Home device hears me (lights up) but apparently so does the new Insignia device upstairs and it responds with temp or by setting a timer, etc. I chatted with Google support and the only advice they offered was to designate the device in my command but this seems like a poor solution.

Any tips on how to get the nearest device to be the preferred responder?

Just got this phone using Metro PCS. Two do enable the pulse light to show me when I have new messages? I have yet to see it and I have enabled "Pulse notification light" in the Display settings. Also, in my messaging app I'm getting "this text field does not support GIF insertion" when trying to add a GIF to a text I missing something?

Have a Home, CC and CC audios all around the house. Considering getting my 8 and 10 year old girls Mini's for Xmas. I'm assuming it'll do all the things Home does in terms of commands, etc? I've trained my Home to recogize their voices and would like them to be able to play their own music in their rooms, set alarms, the games, etc. Anyone see any issues I'm not thinking of?

I have a Nexus 6 that I was using with Project Fi but then switched to Cricket. I'm not married to keeping my N6 but considering switching to Metro PCS for the unlimited plan for my daughter and I. Wondering if my N6 will work on Metro PCS and if anyone has any feedback on using them. They're on the T-Mobile network but like Cricket seem to be mostly used by pre-paid folks. I've been fine with Cricket, they take my money out monthly and the service has been good, just not an unlimited plan that I'm fond of.

My Nexus 6 just stopped charging today, especially on my fast charger. It was low after being on my regular charger overnight but I can't guarantee it was on correctly. I'm able to charge it using an external battery and it also charges on regular mini USB as well as from my laptop. At one point the charging (lightning bolt) was flashing. I've seen some similar comments/posts but nothing seems definitive. I've restarted a couple times, same problem.
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