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man i'd love to pin certain circles at the top so i can access them without a dropdown.
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Can't you? I can pin two circles
I know right? The "top two" circles just isn't enough.
+Drew Olanoff seriously! There is plenty of room up there and I'm not even on a massive monitor. Just a little 13 inch Air
Me too. I'd like to pin them right above the "Trending on Google+" list on the right. I care a lot more about my circles than what is trending. Facebook is supposed to care about what is popular. Google is all about what is useful.
Michael is right, just bring the ones you want to "pin" to the beginning of your circle list. I just wish it would allow you to have more than three two "pinned" circles. That's the real wasted whitespace up there between "More" and the gear button.
Wow, thanks guys, I didn't know that!!!!
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