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Drew Mills
Man, Husband, Dad, Poly-Hobbyist (yeah, that's MY word. :))
Man, Husband, Dad, Poly-Hobbyist (yeah, that's MY word. :))

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#Microsoftsucks and they pushed me too far this time. Because of this account merging thing they are doing (without my permission), they opened up some kind of hole and hundreds (thousands?) of people (including myself) are getting their Skype accounts hacked.

So, to those who received a Baidu link from me, please don't open it. I have no idea what it is.

I tried to fix some of the problem by deleting NUMEROUS entries from my Skype contacts (entries MS created without my asking). I tried to logon to Skype and Microsoft insisted that I merge my accounts. And then I went through Security Code hell as they, over and over, kept insisting my account Security was top of mind with them (the account hack was proof I guess ...) and they wanted yet another security code.

After putting up with all I could stand I deleted my Microsoft account for good. If I ever have to have an MS account I'll create a one-time BS account through Google (hmmmm.... that sounds like a SaaS opportunity ...) and use it to open the account.

I guess one good thing came out of them merging all my accounts. It made it significantly easier to delete.

Is there a way to use the data somewhere else? If Narrate goes under will I still be able to read my journal? I don't want to start a journal unless I know there is an alternate way to access those entries. 

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Looking for senior level, confident developer for Laravel, PHP, MySQL, etc. I'm starting on Monday as VP of Technology at a fast growing company (just passed their first 1M in sales) and will be building a full time team quickly. Please get in touch if you are interested or can make introductions with someone who is.

No recruiters please. 

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Cool, simple to use, web-based discrete event simulation.  With on online simulator!  Very nice.  Thanks!

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Have I every said how much I hate iTunes?  Apple has written so much good stuff (OSX, really) but then they create iTunes.  Yosemite actually wants to prevent me from deleting iTunes.  Sadly, that's a mark against OSX.

I am so grateful for sudo bash.  I wonder when Apple will take that away?
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