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If we need a position or title to qualify our ministry, we're in trouble. Positions and titles should only be placeholders for the ministry that you already have.

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I just started using Canva for simple graphics.  It's pretty awesome!

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Add +ARK Photography to your circles! We have been updating our social media sites! 

Gmail/ Google+ :
Pinterest: ARK Photography

God's Word is perfect and powerful, but until we make it personal, its potential will be limited in our lives +Steven Furtick 

Oh the glory of the Savior’s love
Surrounding our surrender
To know forever
We are welcomed home #GraceSoGlorious

A sword is only a weapon when it’s in your hands. Otherwise it's just a paper weight.

#ifIhadGlass I would be able to capture the memories of my wedding in 15 days from the best view in the house!
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