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For those that haven't seen the event invite, the end date has been officially moved back two weeks to April 9th. This is to give people a little more time and to account for the final project.

For the end of the course if you could email a zip of your final projects to me at and you will receive a certificate and a 12% discount on Udacity's Android Nanodegree Program.

I would also like to apologize for me missing the past couple hangouts, my life has been a bit hectic but that is no excuse. I will try to answer any outstanding questions here or in the Slack channel.

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Interesting playing with the Multi-Window Sample Playground on Android N emulator:

I'm sorry I forgot to mention this, but I'm at Google for the GDG Summit and cannot make the Hangout. I had someone else lined up to do it for me but it fell through. For the time being just send me any questions you have via slack or email and I'll respond.

For now begin work on Lesson 2 and we can discuss both on next Saturday

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Here is the link to the Hangout Session:

Just as a note, this week we will be focusing on Lesson 1 (Both A and B in the classroom materials) and will hold the Hangout Video session on Sat. Feb 27 at 9AM and will go for 1-2 hours based on what people need. 

If you have any questions before that, or you can't make the meeting you can email me at or join the slack group and message me there

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Please follow this link to sign up for our slack channel. Here, you'll be able to communicate amongst yourselfs and with me if you have any issues

Star Wars was pretty awesome!! 

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This is awesome
Android File Grouping Plugin v1.1 check out what's new   #AndroidDev   #AndroidStudio   #GDE   #article  
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