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Hmm maybe... 

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Your purchase of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege includes Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas for Xbox 360 (ESRB Rating: MATURE with Violence). Redeem on Xbox 360 or 732JK-TXPP4-D4M4M-RHPY6-HYQ7Z

Cobb out, Jordy out, Adams out, see you in SB51 bitches. 

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So here is the question. I really want to get Rainbow 6 (loved the beta) but my 4 year old son has loved playing the trial I've had of Star Wars Battlefront (I thought it was OK) because well he loves Star Wars. I've got a gift card and can really only get one right now. Which do I get? 
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Battlefront (kid loves it)
R6: Siege (I want it)

Not many can catch a ball with their taint. Bravo!

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Is Tony Romo elite? 
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Just think what a blowout the game could have been if Cobb could have caught a ball. Don't know what's up but he needs to get his shit together this year. 

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2 corners out is not going to make the rest of this one easy. 
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