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Sprint 4G LTE speed tests for everyone who's asking 
Wichita, Kansas
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On a test tower connected to a mostly dark network. I think it will be much faster when it's actually turned on. 
Query rephrase:  do we get 4G here now????
Query refinement:  is there 4G in my neighborhood?
Kinda slow for being lte. I would think since its a new network and only one phone that can use lte on Sprint that that network should be fast for a while.
+Glen Shurtz it's a mostly dark network. It's only on for testing and final broadcast definitions right now. Speeds will be much higher when the line is actually lit. 
So when does Sprint plan on turning it on officially?
I remember reading some so called "insider" on Reddit who claimed that since Sprints LTE block is half the size of Verizons or AT&Ts, the speeds would be disappointing, and probably around 1 to 2 Mbits when fully operational and under regular use. I seriously hope this guy was talking out of his ass.
I believe +tom lopata is correct, from what i've heard Sprint is only using half the channel size of what vzw uses. Considering the limited amount of LTE devices that are available, we should be good for a while heh
I get much faster on verizon
Lol that's DSL speeds on the DL side of it... cracks me up that AT&T hasn't pushed to be more competitive on that front, but apparently they know something I don't...
I live less then 20 minutes from Sprint head quarters and if they could get a signal to my house in would consider Sprint. Sad when you live that close to headquarters and can't get 3g at least
I got anywhere from 3-12mb download speeds thru the tests
Those speeds are all over the place. When the area goes official speeds should be higher and more consistent.
What's the highest you have gotten on 4G LTE?
I know you say that other carriers are better and i'm on VZ so I can't compare but here near DC, I get 20~25MB down and 10~15mb up.
+Glen Shurtz LTE is notoriously inconsistent. Run 10 speed tests on Verizon or AT&T and the results will be all over the place. The speeds aren't what Sprint is testing right now. They need an accurate measurement of the average range fo those antennae for their maps. The fact that these guys have access to it at all right now is a happy accident. 
Still not as fast as Verizon's was when it was released!
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