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Ha well Google won't allow a Fark Google+ account so the dev team switched the +1 to me. I feel so loved!
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Karen B
Yeah, wondering when they'll decide the "Karen B" I've been for years on gmail is now a "Problem".
We're a cult now? I thought it was just sects.
Karen B
bug sects? wha?
The Church of Farkitallogy. I like it.

/passes the plate
In the butt. I wouldn't know though I'm not catholic
What what. Im not sure why they would expect a guy with the email address (me) to use a real name. In other news were all drewish?
maybe I'll just get my name officially changed to Lemmy P Honor
Drewids in the Church of Farktology, FSM of Latter Day Taints
I hope they'll eventually allow company accounts. I'd like to be be able to follow the local brewing companies/clubs/musicians on here rather than having to use twitter/fb.
I believe that is exactly what they're trying to avoid.
Considering this is the first post Ive seen in a week or two it seems they are trying to avoid users too.....
To be perfectly frank, I'm amazed it got a response. This place is like a ghost town.
might as well turn fark into farkbook. half of facebook is just passing links from fark. Drew, i want in on this!
lol, ya, but reddit is ugly and kinda unfriendly.... noone as cool as drew running it.... lol
But at least there is still a wall between most subreddits and /politics.

Although the mods have been riding their share of high horses lately.
when did this fark/reddit rivalry start? ive been seeing it in the comments and am completely confused by it....
I was unaware there was a rivalry. If there is, it is entirely one-sided, as reddit feels they rival Digg.
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