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I went out in the street and set fire to a sofa in solidarity with my London brothers and sisters who are protesting... what were they protesting again? More importantly what are they drinking?
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I dunno. Last time I was in London I was on a total Fuller's London Pride kick (not the bottled shiat, mind you - the real, honest to God hand-drawn 'real ale' stuff) and I'd go in places a second time and they'd be out of BEER. I may have drank it all, or not, but if that didn't incite a riot, I don't know. :/
Not sure if serious answer: Cops shot a local in Tottenham, North London, while arresting him. Other locals were not impressed, and riot-a-larity ensued.

SNARK: I always wonder (even here) why they burn their OWN neighborhoods when this happens...They should find out where those cops live, and burn a couch THERE.*

*Disclaimer: I do not condone rioting, I just hate a bad aim.
They're fighting austerity cuts, cuts to social services and cuts in spending.
Hey, as long as they don't muck up the Dr Who filming I'm 100% ok...
They found out London was not as nice as Compton
Because, you know, sometimes you've just got to burn a couch.
It started out as a protest against a police shooting; then a bunch of morons decided to tag along and join in the crime-wave. No politics or ideology - they just want free Nikes and a plasma TV.
I see, so +Nick Dixon is in London and polling the rioters about their political affiliation and reasons for rioting? If you're in London, look out out the streets and tell me if you see any news people polling these kids. I bet you'd see none. Why? Because they're getting the hell out of these kids' way.
Of course I'm not. But they are being asked, and the answers are disappointing. Most of the ones who've been interviewed can barely string a sentence together, but the general theme is "other people are taking stuff, so why shouldn't we?" and "We're out on the rob and torching stuff, and you can't stop us. Lol."
It's hardly a principled stand against inequities in the system.
Pretty much it's just rabble rousing at this point - but it's sad that things degenerated this quickly...

In other news, Free Beer?
Maybe someone should clear out all their stuff from their houses while they're looting elsewhere. Maybe the message would sink in a bit better that they're ruining lives
Yo, Dawg! I heard you liked looting, so I sent some looters to loot your loot while you were out looting!
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