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Fark Queue Spam of the Day: Solutions for Cat Bad Breath. If that's not a first world problem I don't know what is

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I figure anyone who says "everything happens for a reason" probably has a counterexample in mind when they say it


Great thanks to that DC quake MSM's gonna read Twitter to us for the rest of the day now #cnnfail

Haven't had jetlag in this direction in a long time. Woke up at 5am without effort. Good times

I went out in the street and set fire to a sofa in solidarity with my London brothers and sisters who are protesting... what were they protesting again? More importantly what are they drinking?

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Blown transformer sparks fire, idea for new X-rated Michael Bay movie

Headin to a poker tourney raising money for Alzheimers tonight. Seems like there's a joke in there somewhere

Ha well Google won't allow a Fark Google+ account so the dev team switched the +1 to me. I feel so loved!
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