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Tree of Life #SacredSurfboard  photo by Jonie Millhouse  
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Nice one +Drew Brophy!
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Drew Brophy

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Add to the Sacred Surfboard Album - Maria showing her 4 favorite picks
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SACRED HEART and ELECTRIC UNIVERSE - 2 of 6 Collectible Surfboards I painted for a Vintage Surfboard Restoration project for longtime board collector Jeff Eilers. (email info@drewbrophy if you want to add one of these to your collection)

Years ago, I got my start as an artist painting production surfboards in factories for some of the best surfboard makers in the world.

Back then, I had to master the craft of spraying boards with air guns and airbrushes. It is a more technical job than artistic and in some ways very limiting. I wanted to express my art more fully, and so I found a better way to paint surfboards by developing techniques using water based paint pens on top of glassed surfboards.

I soon became known for bringing a new style of painting to the surfboard market which was painting on the glass by hand with Uni Posca paint pens. It changed the way surfboards were painted forever. These techniques allowed me more creativity and gave others the ability to paint their own surfboards as well.

All of these years later, with the knowledge of tens of thousands of boards painted in every way possible, I was excited to revisit and improve upon my own airbrushing style.

This restoration project was the perfect catalyst to do something really special, up-cycle old #surfboards and keep them out of the landfill. I loved it.

#SacredGeometry   #SurfboardArt   #VintageSurfboard  
#SacredSurfboards   #SurfARt   #SacredHeart   #1970Style   #Surfboards   #ElectricUniverse  

Read more on my blog at:
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This was probably my most fun painting project this year!
Just released:  Six (6) VINTAGE RE-PURPOSED SURFBOARDS - 1970's Style (Collectible) - Painted old-school 1970's style with airbrush; mint condition, limited edition art pieces.
   #SurfArt   #VintageSurfboards   #MintCondition   #SacredGeometry   #TreeofLife   #UnifiedFieldTheory   #ChakraArt   #SurfboardArt   #LifeofAnArtist   #Surfboards   #FlowerofLife   #TrippyArt  
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O love it is awesome
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Adding Case Studies to my website of corporate projects I've worked on in the past 12 months. Here's one from last year's DREAMFORCE event in San Francisco:   #dreamforce14   #Dreamforce   #SanFrancisco   #Software   #SalesForce   #Illustration   #LivePainting  
CASE STUDY: Illustrate Progress Software's new product, Easyl, in a live painting at Dreamforce in San Francisco. WHEN: October 2013. CLIENT: Progress Software. MISSION: Showcase the new software product, Easyl, and increase interaction with new prospects during Dreamforce 2013 by creating a ...
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Last Friday we did a free "Paint with Drew" event at San Clemente Art Supply in #SanClemente  .  It was sponsored by #FredrixCanvas  and #UniPosca   and SC Art provided the venue.  A lot of people showed up, we had a great time creating art on Fredrix Black Canvas.  These are the pics.   #UrbanFineArt   #UNGraffiti   #WhatisSurfing  
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Photo by Jonie Millhouse of Jonie Photo

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FLOWER OF LIFE - One of 6 Collectible Surfboards I painted for a Vintage Surfboard Restoration Project, 1970’s style, using old-school airbrush techniques. Was stoked to work Sacred Geometry into these paintings.

Read about the Surfboard Restoration project and the Sacred Surfboard Series on my blog:

(Email for pricing)

#FlowerofLife   #SacredGeometry   #SurfboardArt   #SurfingArt   #Surfboard   #Airbrush   #OldSchool   #ChakraArt   #VintageSurfboards   #LightBEings   #NewAge   #SurfboardRestoration  
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U r the best drew!!!!!
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LET THERE BE LIGHT - One of the Vintage, Collectible Sacred Surfboard Series.  This painting was inspired by my study of physics and a fascination with  light, and how little of it we actually see.

(To add this #surfboard to your collection, email 

#vintagesurfboards   #SacredSurfboards   #PhysicsStudies   #Resonance   #LightBody   #SurfboardArt   #Surfing   #SacredGeometry   #CollectibleSurfboard  
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T Shirt Design for #SanClemente   Surf Rescue hoodies and tees

#SurfArt   #Illustration   #Lifeguards  
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This Saturday: I'll be doing a live surfboard painting at Lake Powell Paddleboards in Page, AZ.  If you're there, come see me!

#SurfArt   #Paddleboard   #LakePowell   #LivePainting   #DrewBrophy  
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Drew Brophy

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Some photos from my mural painting at #KEENFest  last week during #ORShow  in Salt Lake City.  
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Surf Lifestyle Artist
  • Drew Brophy Art Studios
    Surf Lifestyle Artist, 1971 - present
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South Carolina - Hawaii
It's my job to make things look cool!

Drew Brophy has been a professional artist for over 25 years.  It’s his job to make things look cool.

As a young surfer, Drew’s career took off when he started applying his edgy artwork onto surfboards.  He became known for changing the way that surfboards were painted, using techniques that he developed with water-based paint pens.

In the mid-1990s, Drew expanded his art to design many different things, like skateboards, t-shirts, wakeboards, and just about anything.  Having the opportunity to experiment with many different surfaces and products allowed Drew to grow tremendously as an artist.

Drew’s inspiration comes from the adventures of traveling the globe with his wife and son.

Drew’s vision is “to inspire generations of people to live the life of their dreams.”  He works towards that vision through being the example and showing the world the good life through his artwork.

Bragging rights
Was first person (with Seth Warren) to SUP 225 Miles of Grand Canyon and its rapids in May 2011
  • The School of Hard Knocks
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