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What was your dream about last night?
What was your dream about last night?


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Mistakes made during dream interpretation

A wrong or inaccurate prediction of future events, influences and states based on dreams is associated with:

- Inaccurate or absolutely wrong interpretation.

- Inaccuracy of communication (or wrong perception) of a dream detail or image. The thing is that seemingly similar details may have dramatically different meanings.

For example, “little wrinkles” on the face may be taken as an old age (aggravation in affairs), and as a tense thinking (being popular with the opposite sex or emotional release). A “straw” or overmaturing bread-corn spikelets in a big field seen in a dream may also have different meanings. A “straw” – something vain, outdated; a “bread-corn” – great success.

- An excessive focusing on the “externals”, notably: every person is constantly in the reality of his/her own vision of or emotional upheaval associated with the event (not necessarily in the event itself). That is why a dream will first of all show a dreamer's anticipation, his/her inner world, as if the event really happened, though in a real life it may leave the day-time consciousness untouched...

For example, red boots in one woman's dream told her about the love relationship with a certain man. And despite the fact that she has already experienced this potential love-affair in her mind (i. e. she really was inside this event!), she did not venture to do anything in a real life – the concrete event never happened. On the other hand, a dream of one man in which he saw himself having been chosen as a technical director in a major company, resulted in a serious attempt to get a job in a big company in a real life with the corresponding emotions, however, eventually, he didn't get the job.

Thus, a planned, anticipated and experienced in a dream event does not always turn into a concrete reality.

- Disregard of a specific character of the personal perception, experience, sex, profession, age, financial situation, etc.

- Interference of the unaccounted outside energies and powers, that were not specified in a dream.

- The thing that could be figuratively called “neutralizing with the background”. I mean that a future positive event against the general negative background (e. g. suffering from some chronic ailment) in a subjective perception will not be specified in a dream very positively, and vice versa.

- The fact that the dreamer's personality sees and takes the problem not in the way his/her night psychic partial does this.

- Falseness of determination of the time characteristic – a dreamer tries to verify his/her analysis in the closest time, while a dream tells about its realization much later, and it is rather difficult to track this time in reality.

Separate fatally prognostic dreams come true only in a year, two, seven, ten and even thirty years!

- Disregard of the fact that dreams represent the flow of psychic energy, that never stops working and has no final point.

But it is hard to quarrel with the statement by ancient Roman political leader, writer and orator Cicero:

If gods love people, they will certainly uncover them their intentions in dreams!
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Seeing a maniac in a dream

A maniac seen in a dream may symbolize a person who wants to get something from you in a real life. A dream points to the fact that there is someone in your circle who can break in on your life and considerably change it. At that, nobody knows whether that will be changes for the better or for the worse. Maybe, your dream details, will help you to understand this...

Any way, dreams about murderers and sex offenders symbolize changes in life, rueful feelings and even anguishes. But in every concrete case it is necessary to remember all details of a dream, and look the interpretation in a dream-book, in order to find out what did a maniac symbol want to tell you.

If you saw in a dream that a maniac was chasing you, this may symbolize your fatigue – physical or moral – caused by a very active pace of life. In this case, dream-books recommend to take a little break and rest.

If you saw a dream featuring a maniac, it is advisable to put aside all your affairs and even the family, and go on holiday into some remote place. If you saw yourself being a maniac in a dream, then in reality you should try to take a correct view of your possibilities. Sometimes it is better to give up on some goals, otherwise you may make some mistakes and get into a trouble.

If you were running away from a maniac in a dream, this may mean that in a real life you put too much weight to some things and events. Dream-books recommend to look for the truth in more simple things, such as a family, love, goodness.

If you saw yourself watching a TV program about a maniac in a dream, this means that soon you will find out some very interesting but rather dangerous information in reality. You will not be sure whether this information is true or false, and that will be the main risk about it.

What else meaning may have dreams about a maniac? Maybe, such dream is a reflection of the fears you are trying to get rid of but so far to no avail. By the way, dream-books say that if you met a maniac in a dream, this means that most probably you will not meet him in a real life. This is just a reflection of your inner rueful feelings.

A maniac with a knife or axe in his arm seen in a dream – it is rather troubling sign. First of all, such dream symbolizes a fixed idea that is haunting you at every turn. A dream about a sex offender is directly associated with a dreamer's love and sex life. Maybe, a dreamer is not comfortable with his/her partner's behaviour.

Seeing yourself killing a maniac in a dream is considered to be a good omen. Most probably, in a real life people will notice you and see the true value of your skills. This is also a symbol of victory over your fears.

If you became the witness of arrest of a murderer in a dream, then your plans may fail because of some circumstances that you cannot influence in any way.

Dream-books state that appearance of such nasty character as a maniac in a dream it is more of psychological matters, than of real-life events. So, first of all, it is necessary to think over your state of mind. Only a thorough self-searching and interpretations of dream-books will help you to understand what does such dream mean.

The interpretation of this symbol often depends on the fact whether you were afraid in a dream or not. If you saw in a dream a maniac and at that you were feeling a thrill of horror, this means that in reality there is a person close to you who has a deep fascination for you.

If a maniac was chasing you but you were not afraid of him, then maybe, you took on your shoulders a heavy responsibility. However, such dream may promise that everything will come out successfully.
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Dreams about love (Part 2)

If you saw a dream about love with a stranger, then, according to a psychoanalytic dream-book, you have a luxuriant imagination, often fantasize, live in your own little world that you created. And despite the fact that you feel very comfortable in this “shell”, a real life will soon show itself, and then you will have to make a choice – either to feel freedom from fantasies, or to keep living in your imaginary world allowing a real life to go by.

What does a school love seen in a dream mean? If you are currently ill in reality, and saw a dream about parting with your school love, then dream-books say that the disease will soon recede, you will have a desire to move on again.

Dream-books provide quite interesting interpretations of a dream featuring a new love. If you were feeling calm and serene in the dream, this means that currently the relationship with your soulmate is safe from any negative influences. You may fully trust your partner, you are as safe as houses with him/her.

If a girl saw a dream about love with the friend – it is a bad omen. Soon you will quarrel with one of your most trusty and reliable people in your life, and it will be very hard to restore your friendly relationship. For men such dream means that they will get some new opportunities in business.

What dreams promise a long-awaited love?
For single people who have already lost hope to find their soulmate, the information about dreams that promise love in reality, will be particularly important. Seeing a full moon in a dream points to positive changes in a dreamer's private life, meeting with a new love. However, if you saw the moon that broke into many shatters in a dream, then according to dream-books, your heart will eventually be broken too – just as this moon in your dream.

There are also other dreams foreboding love. For example, if you saw a stranger who gave you white flowers in a dream, this points to a chaste, empyrean love, that will eventually result in starting of a family.

What dream images point to a great love in reality? A woman who saw in a dream a man with a lighted candle who was leading her somewhere, can wait for appearance in her real life of an all-consuming passion, strongest feelings that will boil over into a close-knit family. Also, if you saw yourself putting up wallpaper in a dream – it is a sign of a love affair occurring in the near future in reality.

If you saw yourself confessing your love to a stranger in a dream, then in a real life the person who has been taking no notice of you before, will start to show his/her interest in you. Don't waste your chance, if you like this person!

According to many dream-books, seeing yourself confessing your love to someone you know in reality (if you are a woman!), it is a sign of problems with the opposite sex. For men, such dream promises participation in a party in the company of good friends.

If you saw someone declaring his/her love for someone but no to you, then in reality there are some hardships ahead of you. According to dream-books, you will end up in an embarassing situation that will fray your relations with the close people for a long time.

If a man is confessing his love in a dream, this means that in a real life he lacks a sympathetic understanding of his soulmate, or female attention in general. If a woman is confessing her love to one of her ill-wishers in a dream – in the near future her real life will be full of harmony and peace.

A dream in which you saw yourself confessing love to your ex-lover has an opposite meaning. In fact, it is your ex-lover who still loves you, and now he/she most probably has intention to recover your relations. On the other hand, if your ex confessed his/her love to you in a dream, and at that you felt tenderness to him/her, then in reality some naughty fact associated with your relationship with this person will become public knowledge.

If your beloved was confessing his/her love to you in a dream, then according to dream-books, your relationship will get more serious development in reality. You will reach a new level of mutual understanding, become more unvarnished in relation to each other, and this may result in a wedding.
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Dreams about love (Part 1)

The most powerful and creative feeling in the world it is love. It can inspire to heroism, but at the same time, it can make a person suffer torments because of lack of reciprocity. These serious feelings in a dream, or a person they refer to, always contain some sense, and in order to find out why did you see a dream about love, you may need to match different interpretations of dream-books.

In some dreams these are ourselves who experience this strongest emotion, while in other dreams we see that someone is in love with us. And only after careful consideration of all dream plot details, we can find out what will happen in the near future in our real life.

Various ostents of love in dreams.
Affectionate French people have their own special opinion concerning the meaning of love in a dream. According to the French dream-book, such dream points to the fact that there is an absolute happiness and harmony ahead of you in reality. However, if the feelings were fleeting, and withered just as quickly as they appeared – you can wait for a great success in affairs.

Seeing happiness and love of other people on the third hand it is a bad omen. It's a symbol of your defeat on all fronts – from love front to a business one. Such interpretation is particularly true, if you were feeling very envious in the dream.

Feeling love in a dream it is usually a positive symbol. Female dream-book says that such dream means that soon you will experience a total freedom from all responsibilities that press upon you. Also, good fortune will be all the time with you – any affair that you start during this period, is bound to be successful.

In general, dream-books state that if you were full of love feelings in a dream, then in the closest time the efforts you made to achieve your objectives will be rewarded to the full in reality. For males such dream may promise a very quick career progress.

A sincere and mutual love that you were feeling in a dream towards someone, it is a reflection of your present reality. You are completely satisfied with the current situation, and there is harmony in your heart now.

What if you see yourself showing love in a dream towards someone who ignores you in reality? Dream-books say that you will experience a severe disappointment in your own forces. But you should not despair, as sometimes such dream may also point to appearance of a new fascination.

Esoteric dream-book says that if you met your love in a dream it is a good omen. In reality you will very soon experience a very powerful feeling towards a stranger that will eventually result in a long and serious love affair.

What does a great love seen in a dream mean? If you saw yourself having madly fallen in love with someone in a dream, this means that there are difficult times ahead of you in reality: you will have to work long and hard. But your efforts will be properly rewarded.

If your dream featured an unrequited love, then, according to dream-books, you faced a tough dilemma in a real life now, and in order to make a decision, you need to clearly imagine the future in which you see yourself happy and wealthy. Do this oftener, and your life will change for the better.

What does it mean if you see in a dream that a man loves you? If you currently have relationship with the man from your dream in reality, this means that you will start a happy and united family with him in future.

If you saw in a dream a competitress in love, but in reality your man pays no regard for this woman, this means that everything will be continuing in the same strain – the competitress will not be able to get anywhere, while you will even enhance your relations.

New and old amorousnesses in dreams
Seeing in a dream your first love it is a very many-sided symbol, and dream-books consider such plot from different perspectives. If we consider such dream from the psychoanalytic standpoint, it means that you dwell on the past, want to come back into the long-gone days, and change your actions. Do not take your mistakes as fatality – it is the invaluable experience.

If you often see in dreams your first love that was happy and ended up with an amicable breakup, then in a real life you can wait for some positive changes in affairs. The life situation will gradually work out for the best, and you will become absolutely happy person.

But if you often see dreams featuring the first love that ended up with a scandal, then dream-books recommend to beware of intrigues of your enemies in reality. You may fall a victim to manipulations of your rivals in love, or in the area of your professional activity.
What does an ex-love seen in a dream mean? If there is no connection between your ex and you now, then such dream means that soon you will receive some message from the past, you will have to harvest the fruit of the evil acts that you committed.

If you saw a dream about your ex-love, but at that you were feeling uncomfortable and tensely – it is a sign of major problems that will be associated with your relatives or family.

What does a dream about making love means? If there was sex in your dream, this may mean that in reality you have not chosen your way yet. You just enjoy the good things of life at the expense of others, and you have no goal. Such uncertainty may result in your personal degradation.

(To be continued...)
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Smoking dreams

Did you see yourself smoking in a dream? Do you want to know what does the image of a cigarette mean? Then get ready to find out some new information. However, before this you need to restore the details. According to dream-books, these are exactly the details the meaning of a dream depends on.

Sex of a smoker
Was it a woman who was smoking in your dream? Such night vision symbolizes your thoughtlessness and pursuance of easeful life style. If you know the woman from your smoking dream in a real life, this means that you should not lay high hopes on her. Dream-books state that this person will not fulfill her promises.

If you saw a smoking man in a dream – it is a good omen. Such dream symbolizes an additional support in reality. In particular, if the man from your dream was smoking the expensive brand cigarettes.

Smoking of narcotic drugs
If you were smoking weed in a dream, this means that soon you will face sneers of the people around in a real life. Dream-books recommend to be more attentive and weigh all your actions. Also, dreams about blow smoking may mean that you want to lose all sense of self and escape from reality. There is something in your life that is harassing you.

The quantity of smoke
If you were smoking but were not feeling any smell in a dream – in reality you are feeling desperate, hopeless. According to dream-book by Aesop, a lot of smoke in a dream it is a sign of an excessive self-assertion.

If you saw in a dream a person who was smoking and at that blowing a lot of clouds of smoke – this means that in reality this person has a profound impact or even pressure on someone (maybe, on you). The more clouds of smoke were there in your dream, the more serious is his/her pressure.

Smoking a cigar, hookah lounge
If you saw yourself smoking a cigar in a night vision, this means that in reality you strive for luxury and wealth. However, it depends only on you whether you will reach the object of desires.

If there was a hookah lounge instead of a cigar in your dream – in reality you will have to meet with adversities in a journey. Dream-books warn: do not trust your fellow travellers.

Interpretation by Miller
According to Miller, smoking in a dream means that in reality you will face difficulties during pursuing the goal. At that, Miller warns: you should not be afraid of any hardships. If you apply energies – everything will work out all right.

If you saw in a dream a smoking stranger – this is not a very good omen. Most probably, in reality you will have to face gossip and intrigues. Miller's dream-book recommends to keep your eyes open.

If you saw a guy smoking and blowing clouds of smoke right in your face, then in a real life there may come some hardships in personal relationships.

These may be both heavy smokers, and followers of a healthy life who may see dreams about smoking. In the first case, such night visions have no particular meaning (without additional elements), but in the second case, such dreams often point to difficulties, problems, doubts and anxiety. If you saw yourself having thrown away a stub of a cigarette in a dream, then soon you will throw aside some minor affairs in reality.
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Researching of sleep and dreams

Discovery of the phenomenon of rapid eye movements, and establishment of correlation between these spontaneous movements and dreaming activity instilled in scientists confidence that they determined the psychophysiological factor of a dream. However, very soon it has emerged that the range of application of this factor is quite limited, because dreams appear at other sleep stages too. Nevertheless, major researches of sleep and dreams were based exactly on this hypothesis, as the opportunity to finally unravel the world old mystery of dreams seemed to be very alluring.

Among psychoanalysts, there became very widespread the opinion that dream it is a subjective memory of dreamer's thoughts and feelings. Oftentimes, there were exercised even more categoric judgements that dream represents a message about these memories. Comprehension of “dream in yourself” as consistent with corrupted principles of objectivism is not the goal of psychoanalysis.

Thus, surveys in the area of sleep and dreams, fulfilling the function of fundamental researches, cannot replace the interpretative approach. Despite considerable expenses and pretensions, these researches were not very helpful for psychoanalysis, and actually, they can exemplify that even such accurate determination of factors of functional processes almost does not allow to judge about thinking processes that are associated with them.

Description of physiological changes in the state of sleep can't serve as the basis for study of feelings and emotions associated with a dream that appears in this state. For the purpose of discovery of the content of dreams, in cognitive psychology there is used the method of dream content analysis.

When analyzing the fragments of the story about a certain dream, there are revealed certain emotional elements, and after this the results shown on the scales are summarized. Besides that, there are also taken into account “scenic” criteria, in particular, the number of characters, their sex and age differences, etc. However, both methods do not allow to take into account dynamic particularities of most of dreams, their “flowing” nature.

Psychoanalytic researches, in particular, modern methods of investigation of separate cases (some of which require heavy expences), allow to obtain more or less accurate information about such complex and dynamic phenomenon, as dream. In this case, we can mention as an example the theory of dream simulation: as part of this theory there are undertaken attempts to create an accurate computer model of cognitive processes upon incurrence of separate dreams.
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20 interesting facts about dreams

1. The “tetris effect”. This is a dream that occurs when a person has been playing this game for a very long time during waking hours.

2. A boxer Sugar Ray Robinson finished the fight straight after its beginning, because he saw in a dream that he was going to kill his opponent in the ring. However, his coach persuaded Robinson to continue the fight. So, Robimson came back to the ring, and accidentally killed his opponent Jimmie Doyle...
3. In the state of depression, a human sleeps more than usually.

4. There exists the project “A night call”. As part of this project, a person receives a call after 2 a. m., he/she is connected with a random person, and is suggested to discuss his/her dreams.

5. It was discovered that Stilton cheese with a blue mold often causes strange, very bright and vivid dreams.

6. Dreams featuring tooth loss are most interpreted, and most often they point to a dreamer's anxiety or serious changes in his/her real life.

7. Vitamin B6 increases the duration of sleep.

8. Before there appeared a colour television, many people had black&white dreams.

9. Japanese researchers devised the method of dream decodement that can accurately “tell” what did a person see in a dream.

10. Paul McCartney composed the song “Yesterday” in the sleep just for one night.

11. Children can see dreams from the very first day of life (maybe, they can see dreams even before birth).

12. People that left off smoking, and before this they had been chronic smokers, see much brighter dreams than those who do not smoke.

13. Just in five minutes after awakening almost the half of a dream is already forgotten, in ten minutes we most often do not remember the dream at all.

14. Morphine was called so after the Greek god of dreams Morpheus.
15. People who were born blind, “see” dreams using their organs of smell, hearing, touch, at that, they also experience emotions when seeing dreams.

16. There exist a psychological disease called oneiroid. A person suffering this disease thinks that he/she is in a dream.

17. Experiments showed that gamers can control their dreams. It was also discovered that gamers see nightmares much more rarely than non-gamers.

18. The reason why a human cannot read in a dream is that reading and dreaming these are the functions of different sides of the brain that do not interact with each other in the sleep.

19. People that appear in our dreams these are actually real people whom we met at least once in reality. Our brain keeps the faces, and our subconscious mind can eventually project them in our dreams.

20. According to researches, from 10% to 13% of people see prophetic dreams (dreams about the events that have not happened yet, but will take place in future).
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Where do odd dreams come from?

Usually at wake-up people forget their dreams, though, sometimes they manage to keep in the memory some fragments of their night visions or to catch on an overall atmosphere of a dream.

Most often, a lot of things that we saw in a dream seem to be unreal or absurd. These may be gigantic animals, endless heaven-high stairs, or something like this.

According to the experiment that has been recently conducted by British researchers, the longer sleeps a person – the weirder become his/her dreams. When a person just falls asleep, he/she usually sees in dreams the images that are mainly based on his/her real-life activity and events. However, several hours after, dreams become more and more paradoxic and unnatural.

According to Dr. Jose Malinovskiy from British University, his colleagues and he discovered as part of the study that absurdity of dreams, as well as their emotionality, increases from an early night to a late night.

The scientists chose several volunteers to take part in the experiment. They were taking a sight on them during two nights. The researchers were waking up the testees for several times per night at different times, and they were writing the dreams they had. Each of the volunteers was waken up for about four times per night. Then, in the morning, they were telling their dreams.

Specialists are not sure whether dreams are associated with the events taking place in a person's real life, or they represent just a contrived phenomenon. However, scientists still lean toward the idea that dreams for a human represent kinda “safety zone”, in which he can solve his problems and private matters.

Dr. Malinovskiy says that a dream it is a sort of the way to search into the very essence of our unexplored feelings and emotions using the subconscious mind. What is more, in dreams a person can find the solution to a very challenging problem that he/she has not been able to solve for a long time in the wakefulness period. It is not for nothing that many psychotherapists use treatment by sleep that helps many patients to change their lives for the better.
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Dreams about sea

A sea seen in a dream it is a symbol of inconstancy, inspiration, unexpected cares.

Seeing yourself swimming in the sea in a dream it is a very ambiguous symbol. In order to interpret it, it's necessary to take into account the dream plot details, emotional tone, and other nuances. To understand what does this dream mean, you should try to recollect in details everything that was happening in your night vision, and to analyze it based on the peculiarities and current circumstances in your real life.

Most often, a sea is associated with rest, relaxation, and having a good time. Since this is the water element, dreams about sea should be interpreted from the perspective of self-actualization and personal enhancement. Also, this dream symbol involves such areas as friendship, welfare, treatment, emotional cleanup, and wishes.

Many dream-books provide rather ambiguous interpretations of a dream about swimming in a sea. Dream-book by Hasse says that it is a symbol of a very risky plans of a dreamer, and realization of these plans will require a lot of efforts.

Freud's dream-book says that a dream in which you saw yourself swimming in a sea, should be interpreted as your luckiness in all areas of life, thanks to the harmonious sex life.

The interpretation of a dream about swimming in a sea depends on many special aspects. If you manage to recollect all of them – you will be able to see a comprehensive picture, and eventually interpret the image you saw in your dream. To interpret the dream right, it is necessary to consider the water colour, state, temperature and other details.

If you were swimming in a warm sea in a dream, this means that soon your financial situation will considerably improve in a real life. For a young woman (girl), such dream means that soon she will meet a wealthy young man who can eventually become her fiance.

A raging and cold sea in a dream symbolizes an unpleasant and unfriendly environment, combat with stereotypes, victory in some uphill struggle. An ice water in a dream points to the fact that in order to bring your plans into effect, you need to wait for a more appropriate time.

Seeing yourself swimming at the depth in a dream, according to Freud's dream-book, it is a symbol of your excessive meticulousness, self-assertion and curiosity that will become the reason for some conflicts or quarrels at home, or at work.

If you were swimming in a clean sea in a dream, it is a propitious omen symbolizing a good state of affairs in a real life, harmonious personal development, understanding of the people around, and self-reliance.

If you saw someone else swimming in a sea in a dream, then, according to Freud, in a real life you will help someone to resolve an intricate problem. If you know the person from your dream in a real life, then you will be actively involved in your acquaintance's life in the closest time, helping and supporting him/her.

If a woman saw her husband swimming in a sea in a dream, this points to the fact that soon she will be able to be happy about his professional achievements and success in a real life. If the water was raging, then maybe your husband has a lover.

The meaning of a dream in which you were swimming in a sea together with the person of the opposite sex you know in a real life – a potential fleeting love affair with this person in reality. If the water was raging – the relationship with him/her will be very uneasy and unstable.
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Rats in dreams

A rat seen in a dream may be interpreted in different ways. Oftentimes, in many dream-books this animal symbolizes a treason or betrayal. Also, one of the variants of what may this rodent mean when seen in a dream – lingering doubts associated with the need to make an important decision.

If you saw a dream in which a cat was trying to catch a rat, this is a sign of a material well-being. By killing a rat in a dream, you are defeating your enemies or breaking free of negative thoughts and emotions.

According to some dream-books, seeing yourself trapping rats in a dream points to an impending danger in reality; to eat them in a dream – there is a lot of cares ahead of you.

Most of dream-books state that seeing a rat in a dream it is a warning of some danger, while seeing yourself hunting a rat in a dream – a sign of worries in reality. If you killed a rat in a dream, this means that you will overcome all difficulties in a real life.

According to a Modern dream-book, a rat seen in a dream means that someone of your circle intends to betray you. But if that was you who betrayed someone in a real life, then such dream may reflect your qualms of conscience.

If you saw a dream featuring a white rat, this is a sign promising gaining support or aiding on the part of someone influential in reality.

If you saw a rat chumping clothes in a dream, this means that you will definitely accomplish your objective in reality. Did you see a huge rat running by you in a dream? It is a sign of some happy or festal occasion in a real life.

A dream in which you heard a cheep of a rat means that some sly person will try to do harm to you in reality. Try to understand who may it be, and then put yourself in the shoes of this person. Think what could make him/her want to hurt you, and what can you do in order to avoid this.

A rat seen in a dream may also symbolize some of your personal qualities that you do not like in yourself. Dream-book by Aesop reminds that in order to be in harmony with your mental world and with the people around, you need to love yourself, otherwise you will never be happy.

Also, a dream about a rat may point to the fact that you have some mercantile thoughts and ressentiment in the world around.

Rats always live close to people, and thus they always inflict damage. That is why some dream-books state that a dream featuring a rat means that there is something threatening your health. This dream image also promises a loss of any luck and hardships in affairs.

A Female dream-book says that this nasty rodent seen in a dream points to quarrels. If you were trying to catch the rat in your dream – in reality you will gain a flawless victory over your enemies.

Of course, a rat it is more negative symbol, than positive, that is why if you saw a dream featuring it – be ready for some negative changes in your real life.
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