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Do you know those moments where you want to do something, or even more things (in my case my next YouTube Video) but for whatever reason you totally block when you want to start? Well, one of those moments got me like a week ago and it does not wanna let go of me... Grrrrr.....
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I find myself more productive when I can change-it-up. Complacency is the killer of creativity.
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After giving up a career as a Christian minister, Anne Newkirk Niven finds magic - both literally and figuratively - in publishing Witches & Pagans magazine.
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The bees still find nectar and are around... It is a very warm October... 
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“We are part animal, part human, and part divine, and the moment we forget the possibility of any one of those, we are lost.” — T. Thorn Coyle Kissing the Limitless: Deep Magic and the Great Work of...
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+Elli Aila Helfer Hab ihn schon angefragt... :) Und er wäre dabei (Antwort kam grad) :)
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Yep. Same s*** here.... 
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I laughed... hope you will too.
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Makes sense.... 
Moans, groans, and gripes release stress hormones in the brain. Breaking a complainer's habit will result in better health and more overall happiness.
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Have them in circles
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Lemon balm works fantastic. Tea tree oil, one has to be careful if you live with cats. It is very toxic to them... 
10/7/2015 by Amy Goodrich · Rare Rainforest Berry Found In Queensland Can Destroy Cancer Cells Almost Instantly. A compound found in the seeds of blushwood berries has shown to be very effective in killing cancer cells. These tropical berries are only found … 0 Shares | Posted in Food, Food, ...
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So right about cats and tea tree oil. All my work with essential oils is done in the one room in our house that the cats can't enter. 
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What a beautiful autumn day...
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A modern male Wiccan Witches Page
Dreamdancer - Wicca, Teacher, Owner of the "Zwischenwelt" - Lucerne's Wicca- and Witchcraft Store, since 2001. Does counsellings, readings, workshops. 

I consider myself still very down to earth with a dedicated, modern approach to Wicca... 

I like to use this page more as a Blog, additional to the one I have in German language. I talk mostly English with my partner and it is the language of my heart, so I thought: give it a try and use this Google Page as an extension for the German blog. 

Still I plan on writing about specific stuff and my experiences: everyday life and my work in the Wiccan tradition. I'm curious myself, into what direction this will develop. And I am happy to have the opportunity  here, to web-weave and share stuff and thoughts also with the English speaking community...

Though initiated and Wicca Priest, over years of practice I actually developed a very free spirit and I am not into hierarchy anymore. But as a new coven was born November 2011, I have to take on some responsibilities again in this new, magical family. Still we are very free spirited and create our own path rooted in Wiccan tradition but free to grow wherever it may take us...

I like a lot of stuff. For example: Fantasy literature and film, movies, nature, animals, reading, writing, music (including electronic, techno and trance), Video games (PS3), Android stuff, horror and zombie movies and novels (must be my "dark" side *lol*) and I am a dedicated (but not "military") vegan.

So welcome....  in my chaotic world :D