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A hacker named “Peace” is bringing chaos to the Internet giant just as its sale to Verizon is pending.

Drazenko Djuricic

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+Danielle Barnham Âû In Putin's Russia, evil commie plugs YOU! ... ;)

(... obligatory Russian reversal joke, SCNR :D ... )

Drazenko Djuricic

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God was finally spotted!! He drives a Mercedes and is from Sweden.... :-D

via +Refik Hadzialic
When you see god on the streets of Sarajevo in a Mercedes Benz, and guess what, he is from Sweden.
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+Drazenko Djuricic You should try to drive in West Herzegovina pfff

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Out of curiosity, I installed the current release of Mac OS X 10.11 "El Capitan" on my old "MacBookPro5,4" (MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2.53GHz, Mid 2009) ) .... and I am positively surprised.

I liked what I saw so much I am actually using this installation right now and doing work with it instead of reverting this MacBook Pro right back to using Linux (which was the OS I used on this MacBook Pro before I installed "El Capitan" ...). Not that anything is wrong with using Linux on this hardware (everything has always worked tip top under Linux!); it's just that this OS X installation does not annoy me as much as the previous versions did; things "just work" and the performance is very nice.

The biggest annoyance however turned out to be this one: iTunes.

Holy Cheeses.... just play my damn music files, will ya!??? Nooope, you're not supposed to copy my files around and rename them (FFS!! Who thought this was a good idea!?). And nope, I don't want to pay you money for listening to free online radio stations!!? What happened to free ShoutCast support!? Oh FFS....

Apple, seriously. How in the world were you able to screw this up!? iTunes used to be good, it used to be the standard when it came to music players.

Nope, not anymore it seems!?

Sure, I can configure a lot of things via the "Preferences"... but the point is: I should not have to !!

So I was looking for an alternative and found this one:

Nightingale does everything I'd want from a music player: It lets me listen to my music collection without moving any of my files around (sane defaults, yaay ...) and I can access free radio streams for free (wowza! no paying money to enjoy free stuff ...)

So if you happen to be a Mac user too and if you also happen to dislike iTunes for whatever reason ... maybe consider this alternative then?

#nightingaleplayer   #itunesfail   #osx   #mac
Nightingale is a free and powerfull music player for Linux, Windows and Mac
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I am running Linux on my Mac, somehow I never got used to it :(

Drazenko Djuricic

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Timing, timing, timing ... ;)

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Yahoo is the dumbest company ever.

Drazenko Djuricic

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Switzerland ranked at No. 1 ... no surprise really ;)

Where in Europe can you earn the highest wages and in which countries does your money stretch the furthest? Average wages vary considerably from one European country to another but when it comes to compensation, a larger paycheck isn’t always better. What matters is the ability to afford useful things that enrich our lives. Glassdoor …

Drazenko Djuricic

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Game of Thrones meets Black Sabbath: "War Pigs".
Probably one of the best "mash-ups" out there. Epic! :)

#gameofthrones   #blacksabbath

Drazenko Djuricic

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Kind of sad... SGI was once worth 7 billion $. But thanks to questionable management decisions the company pretty much ceased to exist. And what was left of them is now being bought by HP Enterprise for "only" 275 million $. And even that price might be too high ... :/

#sgi   #silicongraphics   #hpe  
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I remember holding my regard of SGI's capabilities on a pedestal as high as the Tron movie itself. Later, I went to work for GTE and got to see some up close in a data center... they seemed almost otherworldly in their uncommon design compared to their peers. 

Drazenko Djuricic

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Revenge!! ;-)

Fun fact: Actually, this video is a marketing ad by Basel Tourism.... :)

#pokemongo   #pokemongo   #viralvideo   #viralmarketing  
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Chuck Norris caught all Pokemons ... with a landline phone :D

(Found on Facebook; reshared here)
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Drazenko Djuricic

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It starts with a "Big Bang" ... ;-)


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Separating Church and State Cersei Style.

Bei der Szene mit der Trennung die Dorothee Schmid so: "You better not fuck with Cersei Lannister!"
Darauf ichso: "Except if your name is Jamie Lannister."
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