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Author - Cindy A. Christiansen
Sweet romance, Humor, Suspense...and Dogs!
Sweet romance, Humor, Suspense...and Dogs!

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Even a doctor with the best training and intentions can be wrong about a diagnosis.

You really never know your friends until you take a vacation with them.

Although parents may lecture and discipline you, you will one day realize that it was because they cared.

Everyone is attractive when they smile. :)

A good reputation is a person's greatest asset.

Attractiveness is a positive, caring attitude and has nothing to do with facelift or nose job. Yes or No?

If you give a pig and a boy everything they want, you'll get a good pig and a bod boy.

Do you believe that violence on TV and in the movies is numbing our children to the pain and suffering in the real world?

Do you believe that if your children feel safe, wanted and loved, you are a successful parent?

It pays to believe in miracles.
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