#TheGoodOldDaysofGplus ← use that and share your good times on G+ 'til this place melts down!

Will this be the last image on G+ for me? +Robin Griggs Wood started it (see hashtag). For this, I choose an image that was a predecessor to a Little Planet years later. Both were shot during a photowalk - which I would have not joined, if not for G+. It was a +Trey Ratcliff photowalk and I enjoyed each minute of it, meeting people I know, meeting new people and sharing the results later on here on G+.
Yes, it is sad that G+ will be gone. So many stories have been created and could have been created in the future. I hope they reconsider and get the platform streamlined and back to a working and happy one.
I'm not certain where and if at all I will search a new virtual home for my work, or if I look for a Gallery and focus on face2face relations and things that I can touch.
There are many people I have met virtually or in person over the years based on G+, and I'm grateful about it. I guess Google has no idea what good it brought into the world with G+, hence my post here. Whatever will happen: Thanks Google for the time.
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