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Walt Disney Concert Hall, CA

In some details you might notice that it is nearly an 180º shot, but I tried my best to get it "straight", hehe. I loved the light around this little entrance.
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unfortunately my 24'' monitor is too small for this super photo
Sarah M
amazing photo
Thanks a lot +Norbert Metz for the comment. Yes I could go every evening and capture the city, but it is quite a ride...
Thank you very much +Uwe Duwe 24" is already a very nice one, never had anything larger than 23", lucky one :o)
Very nice of you +Bob Adragna than you! Magical, I like that!
yes, magical is definitely the right word. and awesome! great shot :)
+Sassi Sassmannshausen you simply must stop sharing such beautiful and amazing photos! I have work to get done and I spend too much time studying them!! ;-) ha!

Well done my friend. Disney should be proud of this magical photo! It's gorgeous and quite straight I might add!!
Hermosa luz de la noche!!! Fantastico!!!
The color, the light, the wavy texture of the trees––a gorgeous mixture, Sassi!
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