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Dr Robert Woolcott
Fertility Specialist - Reproductive Microsurgeon
Fertility Specialist - Reproductive Microsurgeon


Experience makes all the difference when it comes to results - performed 14 vasectomy reversals last week.

I am going to Beijing and Tianjin in China at the end of August to consul for United Family Healthcare on improving and developing their IVF clinic.

There are several factors which influence the results of vasectomy reversal surgery. The most important in determining the number and quality of sperm present after surgery are the nature of your prior vasectomy, the degree of testicular damage following vasectomy and whether or not you have undergone prior sperm extraction procedures for IVF.

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Dr Robert Woolcott at the Sydney Vasectomy Reversal Centre performs more vasectomy reversal procedures than any other specialist currently operating in Australia.

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The outcome from vasectomy reversal is better for those with a shorter time from vasectomy to reversal as there are declining patency rates with increasing duration. Read more at:

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If you are interested in having a reversal of your vasectomy and want to know about the cost, then visit:

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Microsurgical methods are by far the most accurate and effective way of overcoming damaged reproductive organs in both men and women to restore fertility.

When considering a doctor for vasectomy reversal, an important question you should ask is "Is vasectomy reversal the most common operation the surgeon performs?"

With 5 vasectomy reversals in Perth today, 7 reversals in Sydney and 4 in Newcastle; it brings me to a total of 16 this week - which is more than most surgeons do in a year.
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