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n addition to the seven cervical vertebrae, cervical anatomy features eight cervical nerve roots (C1-C8) that branch from the spinal cord and control motor and sensory abilities for different parts of the body.

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Everyone has had pain in the hand, whether it’s just from a bump or perhaps overuse. However, if hand pain persists or is accompanied by tingling, numbness, or weakness that interferes with important daily tasks, such as gripping items or typing on a keyboard, then an underlying medical condition might exist.

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What to expect at your first chiropractic visit
..and more info! Sciatica, manipulation, etc

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Welcome to my Google+ Business Page. Although I will be posting information here in the future, I have a much more developed presence on my Business Facebook page called Cowesett Chiropractic:Dr Rick Jardon. I urge you to visit that site as well as my website Access my blog through my website as well. There is a lot of health information there. 
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