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Paul Munsanje
Medical Aesthetics and cosmetic dermatology at Amara Aesthetic Clinic, Dublin, Cork, London
Medical Aesthetics and cosmetic dermatology at Amara Aesthetic Clinic, Dublin, Cork, London


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Read my side effect roundup in the daily express today?

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watched xfactor for the first time in years this weekend and was thinking the same. Interesting perspective in daily mail with +Dr Dan Dhunna 'The Michelangelo of Aesthetic Medicine' 
This article for The Daily Mail asks, why is Simon Cowell's head inflating? I discuss the cosmetics treatments and factors that could be behind the music mogul's ever-changing appearance: #beauty

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One of the most frequent questions I am asked in my aesthetic practice is about men having treatments.

Who are the men having treatments?  What treatments are they having? Why do men get botox?

The answers to all these questions will surprise you - I find that about 10% of the clients that attend my clinic are men. Men especially want natural treatments. Men are generally less interested in getting dramatic changes, but just want to look a little fresher. 

All walks of life get treatment, from business men, to police men, to men in television and entertainment to workmen and builders!

Click the link to see a video of a treatment I did recently for Tomasz.  He had both botox and fillers which have given a natural rejuvenation. The video is at the end of the blog post!

#botoxformen   #brotox  

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Can Lip FIllers ever be Natural

I often get asked about lip fillers, usually by clients who have been having Botox for years.  Fillers, and in particular strike fear into the hearts of a lot of people as they think that filler treatments by definition look terrible. 

So I have made a series of videos with before during and after filler treatments. Todays video is a video of lip fillers for Sarah.

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It's Sarah's first treatment and she just wanted to make her top lip a little bigger. Really her lips could get away without a treatment as they are well proportioned, but its nice to show how lips can be improved without becoming obvious. In my book, when a treatment looks obvious, it's a failure. Hope you enjoy the video! 
Lip Fillers London - Perfect lips in 5 minutes

Let me know if you have any questions by commenting below.

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Would you like a facelift without the downtime, cost or worry about results?

Well now you can. Watch this video to see how.  A #liquidfacelift  can be done in 5-10 minutes and can look just as good, if not better than a conventional surgical lift.

The first reason more and more people are choosing a #liquidfacelift  is the results.  Dermal fillers are around almost 30 years now, and only in the last 10 years have they come into their own.  The original fillers, collagen based led to allergic reactions in a small number of people.  Now, completely synthetic and hypoallergenic #nonanimal  fillers have taken over the market. Not just because of the lower risk of allergy, but also because unlike collagen, they can be relatively easily (and thankfully rarely reversed with an injection of #hyalase  

Recently I performed a #botox  and #juvedermvoluma  treatment for Paula, one of my clients. She kindly agreed to let us film and share the procedure and results to allow others to see exactly what is involved.

You can watch the full video here 
Surprising results - Kill wrinkles in 5 minutes flat!

No downtime treatments

The best thing perhaps about a liquid facelift is the fact that there is no downtime involved.  A surgical facelift can have those of a nervous disposition going into hiding for a few weeks after surgery. Not so with a liquid facelift. In fact, more often than not with my treatments, you wont have a single bruise and the rare bruises that do happen are very easy to cover up.

+Swan Center for Plastic Surgery +Ruth Bol DDS, MPH +Dr Tapan Patel are some other Doctors around the world who advocate and even train in the use of #voluma  for cheeks. Would love your feedback on the video guys!

Read the full post here:

Dr Paul

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Botox Clinic Dublin 2 Amara Aesthetics

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Botox Dublin Monday Video: My roundup of lines around the eyes.

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