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Dr Margaret Aranda
Always Lookin' Out For #MyCaringFriends!
Always Lookin' Out For #MyCaringFriends!

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Let's make kefir!

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I wrote this article just for you! ;) 

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Happy Easter! Happy Weekend! Happy Hugs!! 
Even our support Ninjas need a break! Here's what you need to know about our payment processing days over Easter!

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I love Roland Takaoka and all that he does to help so many who have internet-based businesses (and FRIENDS!)!

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Thank you to SaySaga Inspirational by ok & music publishing! And to +Selim Yeniceri for so much!

#music #production #booktrailer #NewBook #Spoonies #SpoonieLife #invisibleillness #chroniclife #life #disabled #disability

God bless you all!

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Beautiful images, instruments, melody.

Music decreases chronic pain, anxiety, depression, acute pain and it also helps you sleep better, increases your appetite, and gets you to drink more fluids, too!

Don't forget to listen to music every day! Turn on the radio but don't mess with it while driving your car!

Distracted driving accounts for too many fatalities - my disability is from a lady who wasn't paying attention to the road, friends.

Just listen! Get motivated to improve your quality of life!

God Blss You!

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My friend Sherri Connell with #chronicillness #chroniclife enjoyine one day doing something that she loves. So grateful when we can have great memories doing something we love, with someone that we love, too.

Hope your week is going great and that you have a fantastic weekend coming up!

I'm grateful for you!

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Positively Persevering: 10 Health Benefits of a Good Hug
Positively Persevering - One Hug at a Time! You do need to actually Pass it Along, because all Hugs are Shared! and ...  Did You Know? Hugging heart-to-heart, with chests touching, for 30 seconds or so .... that's as good for you as exercise and vegetables,...

Is Mom cranky?
Maybe Mom is in menopause.
It's a diagnosis made after 1 year goes by.

I write all my own articles to share with you,
so I know what is in them.
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