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Dr Mani Sivasubramanian

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Loved this piece in WIRED magazine by +Jenna Garrett  - What We’re Really Looking at When We Look at Pluto
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You have bank banned and you do not have the favor of banks or better you have a project and need financing, please simply contact us for more information.

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Dr Mani Sivasubramanian

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A new 'first' - Do you like it?
"Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary." These immortal words of a modern tech prophet, Apple
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Did you read about what I found out about the Plaque. It is dated between 14th - 18th century from the "Lost Civilization of Kandy" at the southern tip of Sri Lanka. It is now housed at Perth Museum in Western Australia. I'm still following my passion, but my donations are now with Christ. Bless You Dr.Mani
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Dr Mani Sivasubramanian

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Unfortunately +Dr Mani Sivasubramanian's probably too busy to look at comments. I circled him in the first place because I was interested in and admire his work. I really don't need any more education about email responders and they're completely irrelevant to the reasons that I, and no doubt other people, have circled him.

I'm happy to receive notifications about, for example, needing to raise urgent funding, or needing urgent info about his organisation to be made public. And that's about it.
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Dr Mani Sivasubramanian

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I'm revising and updating my ebook, "How To Focus - Stop Procrastinating & Get Things Done".  (Owners get a FREE update when it's finished)

Right now, I'm looking for volunteers to help with feedback, to help spot any mistakes and maybe provide a review or testimonial before publication.  If you'd like to be part of this event, please let me know.  

You can pick up a copy at any time from here, and be eligible to get free updates when the revisions are done.  Thanks!
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Dr Mani Sivasubramanian

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Need inspiration?  Take a look at this...
The song Susan Boyle performed at BGT, ends with the words: “Now life has killed the dream I dreamed”. My question to you is: ARE YOU GOING TO LET IT? Or are you going to fight FOR it to come true? . Lyrics of “I Dreamed a Dream”. There was a time, when men were kind. And their voices were soft ...
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Dr Mani Sivasubramanian

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Be an Infopreneur - Change the World!
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Dr Mani Sivasubramanian

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How My BEST Book Ever Was Written!

I was all alone in the apartment.

Nearly 10,000 km. away, dad was in hospital fighting for his life.  He was in bad shape.  So I was winding up my training in infant heart surgery to return home, two months earlier than planned.

My wife and daughter had left early while I tied up some loose ends, dealt with our lease, and disposed off stuff we weren't shipping back.

As I stepped into the empty apartment, I was overcome with a rush of thoughts and emotions.

For a long while, I just sat on the sofa in the near-empty room, staring at the wall.

Then I fired up my laptop, an Apple G3 Powerbook (Bronze Keyboard) and started writing.

Words just flowed.

I barely ever stopped to think.  

It was as if some mystical hand had taken control, guiding my fingers over the keyboard, filling page after page with writing.

Almost four hours later, I briefly paused for dinner.

And continued to write - until 1 a.m.

Dropping into bed, I instantly fell into deep slumber... only to awaken bright and early at 5'o'clock to continue where I'd left off.

I still don't know where I found the focus and energy to write for so long on that emotionally charged and stressful day.

All I recall is that by eight that evening, I was finished with my manuscript.

I hit 'Save' - and backed up a copy on my Web server.

That's the last time I would look at it for a month.

I came back to India.  

Dad turned the corner.  Was discharged from the ICU.  I took a different job.  Got into a new routine.  Life went on.

It was almost five weeks later when I remembered the near-finished draft of this book - and pulled up the file to edit and rewrite.

In awe and amazement, I scrolled down the pages.

There was NOTHING I wanted to change!

A raw cut that was good to go.

Sheer magic.

To this date, I cannot understand what strange force took over while "The Emotion Prism" came into existence.

I've heard of creative artists claiming that some masterpiece came full-blown into their mind, just waiting to be released into the universe.

I've never had that happen to me before.  Or since.

Heck, I don't even think I'm a creative artist!

Still, "The Emotion Prism" exists.

It came into being just the way I described.

And everyone I showed it to was touched.  

Deeply.  Meaningfully.  

The testimonials I got from early reviewers and new readers was unlike any I had ever had before.

"Your concepts are less mysterious, less philosophy-laden, and more real than I've seen them portrayed before," said Dr.Rich Fogoros, a cardiologist.

"I feel ashamed for only looking upon the darker side of life's realities, inspite of my advanced years and reading many religious scriptures. Now I see my own life from another different viewpoint," said Sivagami, a retired school teacher.

Kavi, a research scientist, wrote: "...the philosophy isn't new but beautifully put down. And since it's self realised, it has the personal conviction that makes the reading appealing. Your book had me in tears."

And a troubled mother said: "I'm truly glad that you sent me this ebook. I needed to hear these words from someone else."

Paul commented: "Last year was the worst year of my life, in every way that counts to me. I had to go through all that to learn what your book covers."

And Dan complimented me with: "Your presentation and flow brings back fond memories of time spent with Og Mandino's books."

Will summed it up by saying: "Emotion Prism is a good book. I've had personal realizations even when only half-way through it."

I think he nailed it.

It's the 'secret' behind the book's appeal.  The ability to speak to some part of every one of us.  

To elicit personal realizations.  

Because even if the experiences and case studies I've used are unique to my life, there's sure to be an equivalent in your own.

And once you've put that into the perspective thrown by the life-lesson shared in each experience, you'll transform the way you see things - forever.

You'll filter emotions through the prism of your own intellect and insight.

You'll achieve inner peace and a deep-seated calm.

You'll be happy - even when you'd rather be sad!

"The Emotion Prism" is a quick, easy read.  An hour, if you're fast.  A couple of hours, if you're not.

And if you hurry, you can get a copy for free (instead of paying $6.97 at - go here:
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Thanks for your message.
Nice day.
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Dr Mani Sivasubramanian

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39 excellent reasons why you need an email autoresponder
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Dr Mani Sivasubramanian

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Dr Mani Sivasubramanian

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What if things that truly mattered were actually scarce?
What if things we don't really lack today were actually scarce? Like Print. In the olden days, paper was rare and expensive. Scribes spent all day writing only a few WORDS. Today, it costs nothing to publish a full book – and you can do it in less time. What if print were scarce?
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