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Dr. Kathy McCoy
Dedicated to exploring, sharing experiences and celebrating life for those over 50
Dedicated to exploring, sharing experiences and celebrating life for those over 50

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Finding Your Voice
It was folded and stashed in a small storage box with other relics from my years in parochial school. It was a sixth grade essay I had written, completing the sentence "When I Grow Up..."                                                                 When ...

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Strange Thing About Memory
Memory is a strange thing. I can't remember what I had for dinner last night or the name of a casual friend I often see at the community center, but.... I can give you the name of every kid who ever threw up in my grade school class, along with the circumst...

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Simplifying Life
I was leaving the lap pool just as she was arriving. She smiled at me. "Have a good workout?" "Yes! Made it to an hour of non-stop laps today!" She gave me a thumbs up. "Isn't it wonderful to be able to make the time to do good things for ourselves, after a...

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Parents of Adult Children: Can You Hear Yourself?
Have you ever heard yourself saying something to your adult child that sounded alarmingly like your mother? Or a cringe-worthy comment that seemed to come out of nowhere? Or something that sprang from hurt feelings to your lips without thought or filter? Ma...

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New Year's Promises
We're getting well into the New Year. So how are you doing with your New Year's resolutions? Are they fading from your memory and resolve? Do you feel a sense of guilt and dread when you think of them? Are you giving up on them -- or did you decide not to m...

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Reclaiming Your Holiday Spirit
Holiday spirits seem to be sagging this year. For some, it's the lingering bitterness of the prolonged election process 2016 -- not solely (or at all) because of the results but because of the the toxicity and divisiveness of the campaigns. For others, life...

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Surviving Holiday Season 2016
The prevailing mood going into the Holiday Season 2016 is, perhaps, best summed up by a current ad for Stove Top stuffing that warns: "If you run out of stuffing, they'll start talking politics..." Never has this warning carried more weight than in the wake...

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The Amazon Glitch
In the past few weeks, I've received a number of emails from readers who have been trying to buy a copy of The Teenage Body Book (2016 edition) and are having trouble finding it on Amazon.                                                                     ...

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Small, Special Moments
It was wizened with age, scarred from historic battles and lying by the doorway of a popular take-out rib joint. The big orange cat barely glanced at us as we approached. But when Bob reached down to let it sniff his hand, the cat responded warmly, rubbing ...

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The Project of a Lifetime
My project of a lifetime really began when I was nine years old and in the throes of confusion and embarrassment as I hit full puberty years before my classmates. I swiped one of my mother's nursing manuals -- which dealt with pediatrics and puberty in very...
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