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Q: It is said that Amla should not be consumed after Sunset. Is that true??
For people with cold and cough, amla, being a coolant at night may cause increase of Kapha. For other people there is no rule like that.
Amla or Amalaki can be said as the most used Ayurvedic ingredient. It is both a food and medicine. The little fruit is stuffed with innumerable health benefits that can ever be imagined. The word A…
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Hlo Dr
My baby girl has 10 month old and she has dry skin with some itches. .. some body suggests oushadhi baby oil, nalparamathikera, almond oil...plz suggest which type oil is good for her,and for good complexion. .mixture of kumkumadithailam and nalparamathikera oil is suitable or not. ? 
10 ml Kumkumadi tailam + 50 ml Nalpamaradi tailam + 100 ml Sesame oil - mix. Please try a few drops of this mix on the arm. If there are no allergic skin rashes, you can continue applying it.

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