Q: I was interested in knowing how to consume raw fresh turmeric… In your article, you say fresh juice (10 to 20 ml)… How should one prepare this fresh juice?
Also, can you let me know a way to preserve fresh rhizome for a longer time, so that it can be used in non-season as well?
Lastly, in one article by a vaidya, it is mentioned that one should not use raw turmeric root
I’d like to know your thoughts on the above advise… Is it really so mentioned in ayurvedic texts?
Fresh juice -crush the rhizome in a mixer or with mortar and pestle and filter with a cloth with pressure.
The rhizome can be refrigerated.
Even turmeric dry powder has almost equal benefits as similar to fresh rhizome.
I have not come across any reference banning the intake of fresh turmeric root / rhizome.
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