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Dr. J. Gordon Reid

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Psychcentral Book Review:
"Better than Perfect"
Do you have an inner critic that gets in the way? This book may be for you:

Dr. Gordon Reid is a Registered Vancouver psychologist with over 25 years of experience. If you think you or someone you know needs treatment, please don't hesitate to call or email today.

t: +1 (604) 488-9637

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‪#‎Anxiety‬, ‪#‎depression‬, and much more can be remedied with professional care. Just talking through an issue can unravel much about yourself that you may not have previously considered.

Please see CPA facts here on how psychology can help in myriad facets:

‪#‎mentalhealth‬ is important. Don't be afraid to seek help or advice for you or a loved one.

-- Dr. Gordon Reid, 
‪#‎Vancouver‬ Psychologist
t: +1 (604) 488-9637

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According to Canadian  #mentalhealth  association: 20% of Canadians will personally experience a mental illness in their lifetime. 

That's 1 in 5. 

#anxiety   #depression   #stressmanagement  and more can be the cause of distress in your life. 

Please call 604-488-9673 or email to speak with an accredited professional of over 25 years.

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For good or for bad, relationships are powerful vehicles for determining how we feel about ourselves and others. They can lift us up, and they can also crush us.

Read more at:

#vancouver  psychologist with private practice located in beautiful Granville Island located in the heart of Vancouver, B.C.

Dr. Reid is available to chat via email and telephone. 

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What is it about stress that challenges us?

Is it the external distresses themselves or is it something more personal, something more about the way me filter those perceived distresses?

  #Vancouverbc  Psychologist, Dr. Gordon Reid.

Articles on #Mindfulness and more available at

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Dr. Gordon Reid | #Vancouverbc   #psychologist .
#depression   #anxiety   #relationship  and more:

Effective therapy from a caring and knowledgeable professional of over 25 years. Private practice located in beautiful Granville Island.

Self-referrals are accepted. If you think you need therapy please don't hesitate to give Dr. Reid a call or email today. Or, you can reach him via the contact form on his site at

Change is never easy, but always possible.

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Professional psychotherapy can be good for your mental health.   |    t: (604) 488-9637   | 

Contact form available on site if you wish to reach me. Free articles and information is also available for your review.

Please comment and suggest as well!

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See CPA FACTS on psychology:

Dr. Gordon Reid | #vancouver  pyschologist
Visit: for more details.

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Whether for you or someone you know, therapy is a direction to a better state of mind ...

Dr. Gordon Reid |  #northvancouver   #vancouver  Psychologist

Anxiety, depression, relationship issues at an individual level or with partner, therapeutic approaches from cognitive behaviourial therapy to mindfulness.

Please visit to contact Dr. Reid directly, via telephone or email. 

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Along with Mindfulness therapy, Dr. Reid is experienced in Cognitive Behaviour #therapy , Emotionally Focused Therapy, Logotherapy and Client Centered Therapy, with over 25 years of professional experience, he always a short call away.

You can read some of his writing here:

Dr. Gordon Reid | #Vancouver  Psychologist
t:604-488-9637 | e: 
Or use contact form found on site at
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