For about 30 minutes this evening an angel of the Lord visited me telling me that I was a son of Joseph. (I couldn’t see him but I know it was the voice of an angel.) I wrestled with this angel saying, “No, that cannot be…No, that cannot be, No, that cannot be.” That went on for quite a while. My heart was fixed toward the angel saying, “No, this cannot be!” or “How can this be?” I was strong against it, about being a son of Joseph. I have a witness that I will reveal later who heard the conversation. My witness will tell you how strong with my words I resisted with the words, “No, this cannot be.” I said it over and over and over. I was strongly opposing the angel telling me I was a son of Joseph. I would say, “How can this be” or “This cannot be.” Finally, the angel began to wear me down. I could not understand how I could be a son of Joseph. I continued to be strong against this angel, “How can this possibly be?” All along thinking I will not be deceived. My faith was strong. I would not be deceived. My witness heard me talking several times saying, “No, this cannot be.” I was talking out loud. I just was not going to be deceived. Finally, my will began to weaken and I could tell in my heart that this was an angel talking to me. I was not going to be deceived. I finally started getting comfortable in my heart that this was an angel talking. After the thirty minutes I started accepting what I was hearing. This was an incredible visit of an angel of God to me.

God bless,
Doyle Davidson
Servant and apostle of the Lord Jesus
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