*Originally posted February 2, 2015*

I was born and raised in Missouri and lived there until 1963 all but the four years I was in the Navy. I attended and graduated from the University of Missouri School of Veterinary Medicine. It was while I was attending there that God called me into the ministry while on the Campus in 1958.

I later moved to North Texas and in the summer of 1975 God sent me back to Missouri to attend a men’s conference in what is now the Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City. 3,500 men attended that meeting and the oppression of Satan was great.

At one point while in my hotel room, in the presence of three other men, I was so oppressed that I could not get a prayer out of my mouth. The other men did not experience the oppression, in fact I believe what was in them was part of it! I kneeled down beside my bed in front of them to attempt to pray. All that would come forth out of my mouth was, “Jesus“, yet with no strength.

But after just a few times of saying “Jesus, Jesus” I broke through that oppression with great power and great authority. I rose up, to the surprise of my roommates, strong in faith, the gospel, and Jesus’ name and was ready to go to the next meeting.

Today I am surrounded with hearts of unbelief not even knowing what is the condition of our country. I have been praying since early morning, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus…”. Sometimes I can barely get the name out of my mouth.

If you have faith in the name of Jesus I ask you to join me in fighting the good fight of faith in prayer. The fight is for the Body of Christ in America.

God bless,
Doyle Davidson
Servant and apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ
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