First real session tonight, and I'm working on some love letters for the characters, which I figured I'd share.

This one is for Harry Gale, aka Mercury, the speedster Legacy of the World's Fastest Family.


Dear Mercury,

It's been two weeks since that fight with Hannibal Lectric, and the way your folks are acting, you'd think you'd won the lottery and gotten accepted at MIT on the same day. You're used to them 'helping out' with your life, but now it looks like they've got a whole new batch of kids your age to 'coach.' The team won't know what hit them.

Roll +Savior. On a 10+, pick 2. On a 7-9, pick 1.

* Uncle Chase mentioned (during a family dinner) Hyena was very impressed with the team-up against Lectric. Mom and Dad were not pleased, but you snagged your Uncle later and let him know you'd really like to meet Hyena, back in the City. Quietly. At that meeting, the vigilante hero offered some 'off the radar' support for the team, though you haven't said yes, yet. What's the offer?
* Your family (and by extension the HHL) is asking a LOT of questions about Link - that guy in the cool power suit. What piece of information about Link did you intercept before your family saw it? (You don't have to detail it, just say what it was about.)
* You thought your family made a big deal of your "heroic destiny," but Adam - Concord - has caused more closed-door meetings in two weeks than the first time Transcendent went evil and took over the moon. What did you say to your parents that actually got them to back off the kid a little bit?

On a miss, pick 1, but you totally pulled parent-aggro. Editorial will tell you what they guilted you into doing to make up for your meddling.

High-speed hugs and kisses,
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