First real session is tonight, and I'm working on some love letters for the characters, which I figured I'd share, since love letter examples are hard to find sometimes.

This one is for Concord, our way-too-young nova, host of the Universal Concordance, a semi-sentient galactic ... organization? Entity? Hard to say.


Dear Concord,

It’s been several weeks since you and some heroes took on Hannibal Lectric at that fancy horse race. Since then, Mom and Dad have been... a little less freaked out by the whole hero thing, especially since the Gales offered to 'help out with some connections.'

Roll +Mundane. On a 10+, pick 2. On a 7-9, pick 1.

* You and Harry Gale (Mercury) have actually met up a couple times - once without either one of your families knowing, so it didn't feel like some kind of stupid play date - what did you two get up to with no supervision? How was it totally awesome, and what thing do you KNOW your folks wouldn't like?
* You've been unexpectedly scheduled for a public appearance (by the Gales) but got a little coaching on how to handle it (again, by the Gales). What maybe-useful advice did they give you, before you tuned them out?
* You've been having scary dreams, but they're starting to make a little bit more sense. It feels like the Concordance wants an agent here on Earth for a reason. What dream-images can you remember that hint at that purpose?

On a miss, pick 1, but all this superheroing has left your little sister really out of sorts and acting out at school. Your parents aren't saying it's your fault because she misses you, but they aren't NOT saying it, REALLY clearly. Tell us what super-responsibility you neglect to spend some time with her, and what do you do with the borrowed time?

Cosmic Cuddles,
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