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One player couldn't make our first session of actual play, and I didn't write up a love letter for their character, but they are playing NOW, so here's the note for Ghost Girl, the spirit of a girl from the Civil War era who was reawakened in the modern day by clashing mystical and temporal energies. She is using the Outsider playbook, with a bit of a reskinning on some of the moves.


Dear Ghost Girl,

It’s been several weeks since you and those charming boys tangled with the villain known as Hannibal Lectric. You've been keeping an eye on them since then (nothing overt - you hardly know them after all), and your increased activity in the busier parts of the city has had unexpected consequences.

Roll +Danger. On a 10+, pick 2. On a 7-9, pick 1.

* You've found that if you stay near a highly public place for too long (a few hours) you can feel a chilling force approaching. You haven't confronted it (yet), but you did linger once and spotted a strange, thin person from whom the force emanated. They were walking straight toward your hiding spot. Why do you think they were after you?

* You've accidentally frightened more than a few random people in the city with your comings and goings in more populated areas. One person didn't run, and didn't seem at all afraid of you. Who was it? How do they embody this strange new world in which you find yourself? How have you stayed in contact with them?

* You had no children of your own when you were alive, but some of your family's descendants do still live in the city. Who are the few you've managed to learn about? Are they doing well or poorly? Have you tried to contact them directly? Why? (If yes, how did it go?)

On a miss, pick 1, but your supernatural nature has attracted the attention of several groups of zealots in the city. Some see you as a sign of apocalypse; some as an angel (which may be the same thing, ultimately); some claim you as part of their ancestry, while others level terrible claims of crime against your family. The public eye is upon you, and it is wide with fear.

Hugs and kisses,
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