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Daddy, Husband, Gamer, Writer, Werebear
Daddy, Husband, Gamer, Writer, Werebear

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Some redcaps out there seem to think they'll get to engage me in debate in the comments on my posts.


This isn't one of those things. I am not one of those people.

It's not talk radio.

I'm not acknowledging your hurt feelings and giving you a space at the table.

I don't care about your 4chan talking points. I keep up with /r/The_Donald - I've read everything you're going to type.

How to move forward and stop the acceleration of Climate Change? I want to talk about this. Join in.

How to protect the rights of all Americans? Join in. Challenge me with new ideas. Talk about the parts of Trump's 100 day plan that aren't actually that bad. I'm in.

People throwing Nazi salutes in Washington D.C. is "leftist propaganda?" No.

You add nothing to this conversation, and I will address you with the least amount of effort required: block, close thread. Done. I don't have time for or the least interest in your bullshit.

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A likely excuse.

(Seriously, I have three kids - odds on this are around 99.6%.)

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What’s more, the Secret Service is renting a floor in Trump tower for the privilege of keeping Trump’s wife and son safe, instead of the two of them staying at the White House with him at no extra cost.  

Trump is charging the Secret Service to protect his family.  Trump is not merely costing the taxpayer a million dollars a day, he’s getting paid that million dollars a day.

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Most Americans continue to oppose U.S. border wall and doubt Mexico would pay for it.

62% of Americans oppose building a wall along the entire U.S. border with Mexico. 70% think the U.S. will ultimately pay for the wall, compared with just 16% who think Mexico would pay for it.

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Trump’s newly appointed national security adviser breaks with the administration on his views of Islam.

McMaster told his staff that Muslims who commit terrorist acts are perverting their religion, rejecting a key ideological view of Trump’s senior advisers, and signaling a potentially more moderate approach to the Islamic world.

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Wrong Again, Baby Donald

A Department of Homeland Security report casts doubt on the need for Trump’s travel ban. The report concludes that citizenship is an “unreliable” threat indicator and that people from the banned countries have rarely been implicated in U.S.-based terrorism.

Zoe: walks in with a half-eaten corndog in one hand

Me: Hey Zo, what's going... umm... how did you cook that corndog?

Zoe: I didn't.

Me: You...

Zoe: takes huge bite of frozen cornbread

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Troll level: 1000.

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"It used to bother me a little that Star Wars characters talked as if the Empire had been around forever (”before the dark times”, Obi-Wan says, exhausted) when the prequels tell us it’s only been about twenty years."

"But since the inauguration, I get it."
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