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Daddy, Husband, Gamer, Writer, Werebear mundus rotundus undabundus


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Some redcaps out there seem to think they'll get to engage me in debate in the comments on my posts.


This isn't one of those things. I am not one of those people.

It's not talk radio.

I'm not acknowledging your hurt feelings and giving you a space at the table.

I don't care about your 4chan talking points. I keep up with /r/The_Donald - I've read everything you're going to type.

How to move forward and stop the acceleration of Climate Change? I want to talk about this. Join in.

How to protect the rights of all Americans? Join in. Challenge me with new ideas. Talk about the parts of Trump's 100 day plan that aren't actually that bad. I'm in.

People throwing Nazi salutes in Washington D.C. is "leftist propaganda?" No.

You add nothing to this conversation, and I will address you with the least amount of effort required: block, close thread. Done. I don't have time for or the least interest in your bullshit.
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My kids and I are continuing to play a game based on The Hollow (Netflix) using a hacked version of World of Dungeons: Turbo. (here:

Everyone's having a good time, and is totally into it, but none so much as my five-year-old Zoe, who requests the game pretty much every evening. Needless to say, time constraints and the varying moods of her siblings mean we can't always play when she wants to.

So, instead of bedtime stories tonight, I decided to start up a little game just for me and her. And of course that began by asking her lots of questions.

(She's a girl with a pet flying lizard (butterfly-colored bat wings).)

And what situation did she come up with?

"I'm being chased along a beach by four knights riding demon horses, after I tried to steal something pretty that was hanging in the window of their castle."

"Was it something important or magical?"

"No. It was just cute. And I wanted it."


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Six years ago, North Carolina Republicans voted in a law decreeing that the seas weren't rising

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That fact that I keep noodling about how to write-up Keladry of Mindelin as a Whitehack character (Deft Lady Knight) is indicative of how compelling the Protector of the Small series and Whitehack are; it's been a loooooong time since I've spent time statting up fictional characters.

My kids I have been listening to the audiobooks for Tamora Pierce's Protector of the Small series, and I can't help but see the main character as a fine example of a Deft Knight.

Keladry of Mindelan

I turned Page-Keladry's Group selections over in my head a bit, and while "Protector of the Small is poetic as a vocation (with "Yamani-raised" as a trouble-causing species), it probably makes more sense to do "Lady Knight" or something, since that would actually give her a more readily identifiable set of skills, knowledge, and relationships. I'd probably do "Yamani-court-raised" either as an affiliation or a full-on trouble-causing species, applying to two stats, but often throwing wrinkles into her social interactions.

Attuned: Castle Sparrows, [Yamani Glaive]. As she progresses, she picks up [Destrier: Peachblossom], [Jump, the Dog], [Natural Tactician], [Lord Wyldon's Finest Trainee], et cetera.

In this setting, I wouldn't necessarily have Deft lose ALL their attuned benefits if they wear heavier armor - many would become irrelevant, but I'd prefer to judge them on a case by case basic (no reason for scouting sparrows to suddenly become useless just because you picked up a shield), rather than shut them all off. In trade, I'd drop the benefit to AC, etc. from off-hand weapon wielding, as double-weapon tricks don't come up much/at all in this setting.

Anyway - nothing much useful to see here, I suppose, I just wanted to get it out of my head and play around with Whitehack a bit. Cheers all.

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A snippet of me and +Kaylee Testerman playing through I6-Ravenloft, using World of Dungeons.

Nothing earth-shattering, just Our kind of family-time.

Kaylee: Hey Dad! points at sky Orion's Belt!
Me: Tremendous Waist of Space
Kaylee: ...
Me:... Waist.
Kaylee: I hate you.
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