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The Traditional Japanese Karate Network
a Karate specific download resource center and social network covering Shotokan, Shito-ryu, Goju & Okinawan arts
a Karate specific download resource center and social network covering Shotokan, Shito-ryu, Goju & Okinawan arts

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As a heads up prior to our first full day black belt gathering for the year, which is the Pathway to Sensei course - Session 3 on Apr 29th. We will be doing the typical theory/philosophy component up front, kihon drills, work our way in depth through Chinto (Gankaku) & Pinan Sandan then to kumite & referring.

As a reminder, if you have time to brush up on your refereeing terminology & gestures as illustrated in our "Speaking Japanese for Martial Artists" book, please do so. Also a new video covering off on Chinto will provide fore learning for anyone motivated. It is at the below webpage.

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I am in the US for the next 10 days but look forward to seeing as many as can make it to our annual Queensland training camp on return:


Given an ask by a few people I thought I would add that “Seienchin the book”, published by The Traditional Japanese Karate Network, is a multi-style look at the kata & multi-variant bunkai reference. Therefore the book does not call out which of the bunkai variants listed are those that I use as my default set for our shito-ryu. The bleow page numbers reference which are the bunkai I apply based on our evidence based street fighting statistics where the data overlaps the libarry of traditional Okinawan applications.

Pg 69-71
Pg 109-115
Pg 128-129
Pg 130-132
Pg 134-136 (with the consideration that the motion is ideally done prior to completion of the “bear hug”
Pg 138
Pg 140-144

Jason Armstrong

Webpage regarding the book references:

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An updated Matsukaze video has finally been done with more complete history & references in to the bunkai based on street fighting stats

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Just dropping a note to say that the California based Pacific Coast Karate Championships, of which we have been taking part in for over 20 years now, has had the dates locked in by Sensei Shawn Danaher. Attached is the flyer.

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Pleased to announce we have finally finished our textbook “The Karate Theory Manual”. Some details below:

It is a 200 page book covering traditional Japanese karate's culture & its relationship to technique based on:
- Tradition & History
- Traditional stances & biomechanical considerations
- The "shuhari" of technical evolution
- Philosophy
- Balancing Kata Bunkai vs Tournament strike fighting
- Yoga integrated into karate stretching & injury prevention
- Basic Terminology
- Basic target physiology
- Premises around teaching

Bunbu Ryodo in Japanese translates to "an educated & sophisticated warrior" In the West, the term is "Pen & Sword". The vast majority of karate masters declare the art as first and foremost about personal development. However, it must also balance the reality of effective fighting skills. For these reasons, the physical & personal developmental journey of karate is typically taught alongside lessons covering its heritage and the theory behind the art. Given the above, this book acts as the textbook for the required yellow, green & black belt theory tests for at least the shito-ryu students within the Traditional Japanese Karate Network.

The link is here:

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Given we have added in Niseishi (Nijushiho) into the kyu curriculum for certain aged/ranked colored belts, I finally got a chance to finish off the Niseishi (Nijushiho) kata, history & bunkai video with Renshi Jason Griffiths over the holidays. It has now been uploaded as a full 43 min version here (with an excerpt video also on the same webpage).

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Thanks to the black belts that joined in for Day 1 of the "Pathway to Sensei" course for Queensland (sorry, I just noticed a couple of people were not captured in the camera's field of view). It was a good day and thanks for focusing so long. Next date will be announced soon. Osu!

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Congratulations to Ben Baker for "Student of the Term" at the Fig Tree Pocket Dojo. A great term for the 6 year old showing great strength in our preliminary fighting work & always eager to train hard.

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