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Douglas Thomas
Adwords and Adcenter Certified Political Science-turned-Internet Marketing geek.
Adwords and Adcenter Certified Political Science-turned-Internet Marketing geek.

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Some people are saying "omg how can google say that you don't need a website? What, how? UNTHINKABLE"

What, praytell, is a restaurant site going to give me that their foursquare, yelp, and facebook won't? Marketing 101: set your goals. If you're wasting time, energy, or money and getting nowhere, then do something effing different.

Not every client needs every service, online marketers.

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This is pretty cool and could be a really neat tchotchke for clients. 
What have you done with your Google Analytics data recently? A 3d printed model of your data showing an entire year's performance?  See below! 
Data as a work of art, purely for admiration purposes. 

Created by Andrej Boleslavský

"Google Eye" is a data sculpture visualizing Google Analytics data about visit of webpage. The data represents one year cycle with events being visualised as a peaks of falls. Significant events are visible, some of them caused by internal activity towards public, such as job offers, festival, some of the caused by external factors, such as summer holidays, Christmas.. We can even see weeks an day-night cycle and the significant drop of the activity during the night. VVVV visual programming tool was used to generate the model.


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And people wonder why local search is hard...

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Because anyone practically needs this, but it's still by far the most interesting Matt Cutts video in a long time. Would love to play with Dremel.

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Implication: authorship is not a page-level variable.

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This is extremely interesting.

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Are you seeing traffic from Network Domain "" in your #analytics? Explanation & easy solution:

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Find out what copywriting tips will actually lower your CTR!

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Data-based copywriting tips. Even I was surprised with some of the findings, but thems the breaks. #ppcchat  
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