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PowerBuilder 12.Net until its dead, or I find something better
PowerBuilder 12.Net until its dead, or I find something better

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My wife's father passed away last night, after fighting a life long battle with diabetes.  We've lost a true hero, no thanks to the inadequacy of the US Health Care system.  He died for profit.  It sickens me.

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Because war criminals should not be able to hide

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For anyone who has ever played MineCraft, 4:52 of this video is what it's ALL about.  Hilarious.  Ryan, this one's for you.

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1) Wrong, the Chinese had cats well before Egypt, and there is plenty of fossil evidence of cats (see  Again, no proof here that they suddenly appeared via aliens.

2) Although science has not proved specifically how a cat purrs, it is not 'baffled' and has several well established theories (see for a start).  I'm sure if it was critical that we knew, we could find out what the truth is.  Either way, definitely not proof of aliens.

3) Is just silly.  Holding a cats ears back to get the cat to resemble what is commonly thought to look 'alien' does in no way prove that they originated from aliens.

4) Eagles can see WAY better than cats.  Giant Octopus can see way better than cats.  Should we suppose that these creatures also originated from aliens just because they can see better than us?
Also, one species is not more advanced than another, evolution does not do this, there is no goal that evolution is moving towards.  Again, no proof of aliens here.

5) Again, this is just silly.  More likely your cat was dreaming and got startled out of sleep and ran.  A perfectly reasonable response when in the wild this could mean you are about to be eaten.  No aliens here either.

6) All things that come out of cats are totally natural.  There is nothing unnatural or super-natural about cats.  Even if aliens DID put cats on earth, this would still be true, since aliens are also completely natural (they must also obey all the laws of physics, and physics is what determines what is natural).  So this again is not proof.

7) Cats use their tails to auto-right themselves during a fall.  This happens amazing quickly, but cats can still fall on their backs if the fall is small enough, or if they have suffered neurological injuries to the spine or brain.  Cats are earthbound creatures, so the statement is blatantly false even if cats had special survival powers (which they do not) and is definitely NOT proof that aliens placed them on earth.

8) Although this has likely happened, it is not by any means a 100% certainty, and even if it was, would not be proof of cats as gifts from aliens.

I find this entire post laughable, and its sad that even tho likely its a joke, some people will take some of these points on faith as being 'true'.

VICE: Are Cat Spies Sent by Aliens?

For me points 3,5 & 7 are the most convincing.

1. There is no documentation before ancient Egypt that mentions the existence of cats. And in ancient Egypt, they were worshipped as gifts from the gods.

2. Science is baffled by a cat's purr, and cannot determine how the sound is produced.

3. If you hold a cat's ears back and describe what you see, it is a perfect match to the classic “grey alien,” with its almond-shaped eyes, small mouth, and small nose.

4. A cat can see exponentially better than you. Making it appear that it must be more advanced evolutionarily speaking.

5. Ever watch a cat wake from a deep sleep and run out of the room in an instant? Transmissions from the mothership coming in, and they must be alone.

6. All things that come out of cats are totally unnatural.

7. Cats survive situations that any earthbound animal would surely perish in. How can a cat fall out of a four-story building backwards, and land on its feet? (Anti-gravity properties.)

8. If you die, your cats will eat you. Not really a link between cats and Aliens, but still pretty creepy.

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So not that I post here very much lately, but was just having some fun looking up lunar phases, with the idea that IF north korea were to attack, they would do likely do it on a sunday, early morning, with little to no moon light (since they would know where enemy positions are, and would want to deny the 'enemy' any light during the initial assault).

And guess what, tomorrow has just the slightest sliver of a moon.  Now, they won't attack, but if they were going to... given the high level of rhetoric right now, tomorrow morning would present near perfect day and lunar conditions.  Now, not sure what military tactics say about weather (D-Day was launched in near horrible sea conditions, but other assaults have taken advantage of good weather as well).

Interesting days ahead, one has to hope that the NK leadership is playing this game rationally and know that they cannot possibly win with physical force.

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Played Tricky Truck last night... sometimes Indie games are the best

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Watched interesting concept.  Brings new meaning to a 4 minute coffee.

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