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(This is why I consider disrespect as a compliment and those who do so as batsh!t insane...)
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"Profound wisdom..."
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[Must Read]

So... Since I see America (at least the Republican side) continuing to make tragically horrific choices - not that they have any other choice - I decided I would do the research for them in hopes they will understand (if that is at all possible) the nature of their pitiful ridiculousness in what is now, without question, a world full of progressive, liberal and independent (many of whom bailed from the ridiculous Republican party) voters. In other words, you're fighting a losing battle.

Of course, like many of the political issues, I suspect they won't even be capable of getting past this initial paragraph to even consider the plethora of facts (and a few informed opinions) below...since they appear to vote by instinct, rather than intelligence, and have the instincts of a queen Naked Mole Rat (look them up!).

Consider this a favor and, for the sake of all that is good, holy and intelligent...please read the included information below and, if you still think this idiot - who is at the top of the Republican candidate list right now, should be elected...

Please move to Guam (or a hostile foreign nation - that you all probably enabled).

We won't miss you...

#Trump  (What a joke!)
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(Keep bumping this post - so it stays at the top, where the fools can see it...You have my thanks!)
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Something useful I'd like to share...

This is a very easy, effective and fairly balanced way to keep up with the 'impending' election in 2016. It synthesizes articles from many sources regarding all the candidates.

You can even follow a massive amount of other topics and interests and in a very convenient, well-presented way via +Flipboard on your mobile phone!




#Windows‬   #iTunes   #Android  
@news | Follow this magazine to stay up with the latest news on the 2016 presidential election.
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I remember these days...riding my metal-framed bed across the wooden floor of my family home in L.A. while earthquakes were rumbling across Southern California.

Oddly enough, I went halfway around the world to get away from quakes - right into the 'Ring of Fire' - and got caught in a couple massive ones anyway...not to mention a tsunami that killed a quarter of a million people. I barely made it out of Malaysia alive, back in 2004-2005!

I thought I'd never see this photo again...but I'm glad I did. Nice to remember I wasn't such a wretched looking human all my life, hehe.

What a long, strange trip it's been...
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Not to much change Doug.
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Douglas M. Chapman

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Natural, breathtaking beauty!
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I would call this a 'must watch' video...

This is an odd pairing, for certain, and even Russell Brand​ appeared to think so, initially. Maybe that was intentional or maybe it was the ego he humbly admitted he has difficulty with (I love honest people). As it turns out, Eve Ensler​ ('The Vagina Monologues') and Brand got along much better than suspected - maybe, even by him. It is proof positive what can happen through the practice of kindness and respect...two things they both promote. 

It was also, at times, very funny...but the discussion was profound. I have to say that I agree with nearly all that was spoken (the serious stuff), including the bit about God​ which, as many of my friends know, I don't subscribe to (with regard to formalized or fundamentalist religion), but certainly agree with and believe (in God) as a higher force or consciousness. In addition, there were perspectives offered that could help people understand which direction they can move in and why the current directions, for many, aren't working.

I think it would be extremely beneficial for everyone (capable of understanding this discussion) to watch this, if they are honestly interested in reaching or fostering the continued evolution of man (and woman).

And, as usual, I'd really like to hear some comments long as the people commenting can be productive or, at least, non-offensively funny.

This is the direction of the future - there is no other alternative...except extinction.

#RussellBrand   #EveEnsler   #God   #Consciousness   #Transcendence  
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Douglas M. Chapman

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The true path to enlightenment...

...from one who is respected by all!
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What a perfect simile for a happy life!
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Very True
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I dedicate this one to my wife... (Wo ai ni, baobei!) <3

( +Joe Bonamassa is one of the greatest contemporary Blues musicians alive today and +Beth Hart has the most incredible voice!)

Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa - "I'll Take Care Of You"

I know you've been hurt
By someone else
I can tell by the way
You carry yourself
But if you'll let me
Here's what I'll do
I'll take care of you

I, I loved and lost
The same as you
So you see I know
Just what you've been through
And if you'll let me
Here's what I'll do
I just have got to take care of you

You won't ever have to worry
You don't ever have to cry
I'll be there beside you
To dry your weeping eyes

So darlin' tell me
That you'll be true
'Cause there's no doubt in my mind
I know what I want to do
And just as sure
One and one is two
I just got, I got to take care of you

I just got to take care of you
Take care of you...
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A peek into potential reality...
It doesn't take a lot of time for a species like ours to make an impact...
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"Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted."
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