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Happy Birthday out there Super H! +Huyen Tue Dao

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Hey! That's my Dr! Congrats. Well deserved! +Thomas Chacko​

Remember when going to Chuckee E Cheese meant playing video games?

Listening to Jason Weathersby of Mozilla about what the heck FirefoxOS is.  Why a new OS? Have to think outside of your box, emerging markets are huge!

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Lol. When the new is something old and unknown to the newer

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nice app for GDrive users auto uploading your pics to the RIGHT place in the Google diaspora

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Pump up the volume!

When they breakout the Dewalt sawzalls in pit road, NASCAR almost becomes interesting. Reiterate: almost. 

Watching Jackie Evancho. Next up Tony Bennett. Talk about juxtaposition!!! 

its still odd to see a browser commercial on TV, but the Chrome commercial is pretty nice.  
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